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DMBrasil's Interview with Boyd

By Rodrigo Simas

DMBrasil: You are promoting "Faces In The Mirror" right now. Could you do a quick introduction of it to the Brazilian fans who haven't heard about it?
Boyd Tinsley: "Faces in the Mirror" is a psychedelic drama about a young man named Ben who comes home to bury his father. It is that began with music. We wrote the story, shot the film and edited it around the music. I wanted to make a movie where the music speaks more than the dialogue, a movie that is to be experienced, emotionally. All that music comes from the heart. It all happened in the moment. It's real. It's raw. The movie feels like the music...

DMBrasil: How did your interest in doing a movie started? Was there a trigger or was it always in your plans?
BT: I got inspired to make a movie when we made the video for Crash Into Me. It was such a beautiful, bitter-sweet video. It definitely influenced my approach to "Faces in the Mirror". We danced this film around the music. They express the same emotion, the kind that you feel tingling through your soul. This film won't require subtitles, because it speaks through the dance of music and movie, through that undeniable truths and feelings we all share.

DMBrasil: Any plans to take the movie outside of the US? Is it already in the works? Can we expect a Brazilian première?
BT: I want this film to be seen all over the world and I can't wait for Brazil to see it.

DMBrasil: How has the reaction been among the audience and critics? Is it what you expected?
BT: I'm finding that people love this movie as much as I do. It receives the highest ratings on customer reviews. Press reviews have been mostly good, but it's the people's reviews that mean the most to me. I am happy about the positive reactions to this film.

DMBrasil: Besides music, tennis and cinema, do you have any other major interest that we still don't know?
BT: I have a lot different interest. I pretty much go with where my heart leads me. We've got to do the things that are burning us inside. For me, these past few years, it's been playing in DMB and making "Face In The Mirror".

DMBrasil: What do you remember most about your past concerts in Brazil and Latin America? Is there something you haven't done that you wish to do next time you guys come to play here?
BT: I've never gone to the statue of Jesus. I'd like to do that sometime. I remember a big festival we played there years ago. Hundred of thousands of people. We came on after Sheryl Crow, I think. You guys gave us a thunderous round of applause. I'll never forget that. Then later that night, after the show, our helicopter pilot almost landed us at the wrong hotel. You can only imagine the shocked looks on the faces of those hotel guests, as this lost helicopter buzzes by their windows. And should have seen ours too. "Surprise! Oh, wrong hotel".

DMBrasil: We noticed that this year you went old school, going back to the acoustic violin. What motivated the change back? What is the main differences for you in playing acoustic and electric, besides the obvious one?
BT: The reason I started playing acoustic in the studio is because Dave asked me to. There is a quality to an acoustic violin that an electric violin can't recreate. The acoustic expresses the heart in a very human sounding way. I'm digging playing it. I'm sure I'll break the electric out again, at some point. But, I'm living play the acoustic.

DMBrasil: As a musician, is there a dream that you haven't achieved?
BT: I play in DMB, is there any dream bigger than that? :) I'm already here. Doing it. And I'm very grateful.

DMBrasil: You have a strong presence in Away From The World. How was, from your point of view, the process of recording it and being in studio with Steve again?
BT: I loved working with Steve again. He is a genius producer and he brings out the best in us. There was a lot of freedom in the studio, to play what you wanted, up to a point. From that, a lot of great music poured forth. It was probably the most fun I've ever had in the studio, as a musician. And Steve's a great guy and a good friend.

DMBrasil: What is your favorite track of the new album, and why?
BT: I like the album as a whole and each individual song on it. Drunken Soldier stands out because its so different and takes you on an epic journey. But, all the tunes rock in my opinion.

DMBrasil: Any message for the Brazilian fans?
BT: Thank you guys for being so supportive of me, the band and "Faces in the Mirror". Many of you stay in touch with me regularly through twitter. And DMBrasil has been very supportive of me and DMB. That means a lot. I hope you enjoy the film.

The views and comments expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of antsmarching.org.


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