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DM_2001-02-01 SFX Studios Atlanta, GA DM_2001-02-23 Z-100 WHTZ-FM New York, NY DM_2001-02-23 WLIR - Museum of Television and Radio New York, NY DM_2001-02-24 Lennox Lounge New York, NY DMB2001-02-24 NBC Studio 8H New York, NY DM_2001-02-26 Carnegie Hall New York, NY DMB2001-02-27 MTV Studios New York, NY DM_2001-02-27 The China Club New York, NY DM_2001-02-28 Landmark Theatre Richmond, VA DM_2001-03-10 Star 94 WSTR-FM Atlanta, GA DM_2001-03-12 Tree Sound Studios Atlanta, GA DM_2001-03-12 99.1 WHFS-FM Washington, D.C. DM_2001-03-13 Y100 WPLY-FM Philadelphia, PA DM_2001-03-13 DC101 WWDC-FM Washington, D.C. DM_2001-03-13 88.5 WXPN-FM Philadelphia, PA DM_2001-03-14 Mix 98.5 WBMX-FM Boston, MA DM_2001-03-15 KISS 108 WXKS-FM Boston, MA DM_2001-03-15 104.1 WBCN-FM Boston, MA DM_2001-03-15 101.7 WFNX-FM Boston, MA DM_2001-03-16 101.9 The Mix WTMX-FM Chicago, IL DM_2001-03-16 Q101 WKQX-FM Chicago, IL DM_2001-03-16 93.1 WXRT-FM Chicago, IL DM_2001-03-19 KISS 106.1 KBKS-FM Seattle, WA DM_2001-03-19 103.7 The Mountain KMTT-FM Seattle, WA DM_2001-03-19 107.7 KNDD-FM Seattle, WA DM_2001-03-20 104.5 KFOG-FM San Francisco, CA DM_2001-03-20 97.3 KLLC-FM San Francisco, CA DM_2001-03-21 KLCC Eugene, OR DM_2001-03-21 106.7 KROQ-FM Los Angeles, CA DM_2001-05-21 Star 98.7 KYSR-FM Los Angeles, CA DM_2001-10-25 Virgin Rare Studios London, Greater London DM_2001-10-27 CD:UK London, Greater London DM_2001-11-13 BBC Studios London, Greater London
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Latest Show
Dave Matthews
BBC Studios, London, Greater London

The Space Between
When The World Ends
Album Breakdown
Everyday (72%)   Busted Stuff (19%)   Cover Songs (6%)   Before These Crowded Streets (2%)   Remember Two Things (1%)   Crash (1%)  

Tour Stats
Shows Played: 35
Average Rarity Index: 16.96
Ants in Attendance: 231
Most Attended: 2001-02-27 (32)

Tour Show Stats

Movers & Shakers (?)
Three Little Birds +617.24%
I Did It +459.46%
The Space Between +388.57%
Ants Marching -92.93%
Crash Into Me -91.29%
All Along The Watchtower -87.94%


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Radio Show 2001

Date Venue Rating ShowFlow (?) Rarity Rarest Song (?)
    02/01/2001SFX Studios, Atlanta, GA4 18/35I Did It
    02/23/2001Z-100 WHTZ-FM, New York, NY4 34/35The Space Between
    02/23/2001WLIR - Museum of Television and Radio, New York, NY 29/35I Did It
    02/24/2001Lennox Lounge, New York, NY5 32/35Everyday
    02/24/2001Saturday Night Live, NBC Studio 8H, New York, NY4.5 29/35I Did It
    02/26/2001Tibet House Benefit, Carnegie Hall, New York, NY 5/35My Antonia
    02/27/2001Total Request Live, MTV Studios, New York, NY5 33% 9/35Crash Into Me
    02/27/2001The China Club, New York, NY 7/35I Did It
    02/28/2001Trey Anastasio, Landmark Theatre, Richmond, VA5 4/35Whatever Gets You Through The Night
    03/10/2001Star 94 WSTR-FM, Atlanta, GA5 12/35Sleep to Dream Her
    03/12/2001Tree Sound Studios, Atlanta, GA4 24/35What You Are
    03/12/200199.1 WHFS-FM, Washington, D.C.5 22/35What You Are
    03/13/2001Y100 WPLY-FM, Philadelphia, PA5 24/35Grace Is Gone
    03/13/2001DC101 WWDC-FM, Washington, D.C.3.5 31/35I Did It
    03/13/2001World Cafe, 88.5 WXPN-FM, Philadelphia, PA5
    03/14/2001Mix 98.5 WBMX-FM, Boston, MA5 100% 14/35Bartender
    03/15/2001KISS 108 WXKS-FM, Boston, MA5 16/35The Stone
    03/15/2001Newbury Sound Studios, 104.1 WBCN-FM, Boston, MA5 16/35Bartender
    03/15/2001101.7 WFNX-FM, Boston, MA 10/35Sleep to Dream Her
    03/16/2001101.9 The Mix WTMX-FM, Chicago, IL3 21/35Bartender
    03/16/2001Q101 WKQX-FM, Chicago, IL4 26/35Bartender
    03/16/200193.1 WXRT-FM, Chicago, IL 13/35The Stone
    03/19/2001KISS 106.1 KBKS-FM, Seattle, WA 32/35Everyday
    03/19/2001103.7 The Mountain KMTT-FM, Seattle, WA5 11/35Angel
    03/19/2001107.7 KNDD-FM, Seattle, WA 8/35Digging a Ditch
    03/20/2001104.5 KFOG-FM, San Francisco, CA 22/35What You Are
    03/20/200197.3 KLLC-FM, San Francisco, CA
    03/21/2001KLCC, Eugene, OR 34/35The Space Between
    03/21/2001106.7 KROQ-FM, Los Angeles, CA5
 05/21/2001Star 98.7 KYSR-FM, Los Angeles, CA 6/35Angel
    10/25/2001Pete and Goeff Show, Virgin Rare Studios, London, Greater London, United Kingdom 67% 15/35Bartender
    10/27/2001CD:UK, London, Greater London, United Kingdom 0% 27/35The Space Between
    10/31/200194.7 Cool FM, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland 0% 27/35The Space Between
    10/31/2001Ou´FM, Paris, Ile-de-France, France 19/35When the World Ends
    11/13/2001Richard Allison Show, BBC Studios, London, Greater London, United Kingdom 19/35When the World Ends


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