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DMB1993-01-01 Flood Zone Richmond, VA DMB1993-01-12 Trax Charlottesville, VA DMB1993-01-30 Zollman's Pavilion at Washington & Lee University Lexington, VA DMB1993-02-01 Unknown New York, NY DMB1993-02-01 The Balcony Blacksburg, VA DMB1993-02-05 The Ritz New York, NY DMB1993-02-11 Sigma Phi - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC DMB1993-02-12 Hampden-Sydney College Hampden-Sydney, VA DMB1993-02-25 Sigma Alpha Epsilon - University of Georgia Athens, GA DMB1993-02-26 Phi Delta Theta - University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL DMB1993-03-01 The Cat's Cradle Carrboro, NC DMB1993-03-04 Randolph-Macon Woman's College Lynchburg, VA DMB1993-03-06 Kappa Sigma Fraternity House - Washington & Lee University Lexington, VA DMB1993-03-12 Chi Phi - University of Georgia Athens, GA DMB1993-03-13 The Riverside Amphitheatre Tuscaloosa, AL DMB1993-03-18 Wetlands Preserve New York, NY DMB1993-03-20 Fraternity Court Chapel Hill, NC DMB1993-12-27 The Bayou Washington, D.C. DM_1993-12-28 Record Exchange Charlotte, NC DMB1993-12-28 Pterodactyl Club Charlotte, NC DMB1993-12-29 Ziggy's Winston-Salem, NC DMB1993-12-31 The Marriott Richmond, VA
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Latest Show
Dave Matthews Band
The Marriott, Richmond, VA

The Song That Jane Likes
One Sweet World
Tripping Billies
Lie In Our Graves
What Would You Say?
Ants Marching !
Dancing Nancies
Jimi Thing...>
Seek Up
Pay For What You Get (Norwegian Wood)
True Reflections *
All Along the Watchtower
Recently (Pretty Pretty Girl, On Broadway)
Christmas Song (Can't Buy Me Love)
Album Breakdown
Remember Two Things (32%)   Under the Table and Dreaming (27%)   Crash (14%)   Unreleased (12%)   Cover Songs (7%)   True Reflections (4%)   Before These Crowded Streets (3%)   Jams/Intros/Segues/Improv (1%)  

Tour Stats
Shows Played: 45
Average Rarity Index: 19.28
Ants in Attendance: 184
Most Attended: 1993-01-27 (12)

Tour Show Stats

Movers & Shakers (?)
Right Place Wrong Time +5342.22%
Piece Of My Heart +5342.22%
Clean up the Dog Shit +5331.11%
Everyday -92.09%
Say Goodbye -87.73%
#36 -37.73%


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Winter 1993

Date Venue Rating ShowFlow (?) Rarity Rarest Song (?)
    01/01/1993Flood Zone, Richmond, VA 38% 13/45Christmas Song
    01/12/1993C'ville All-Stars, Trax, Charlottesville, VA 9/45Right Place Wrong Time
    01/19/1993Trax, Charlottesville, VA 41% 33/45Cry Freedom
    01/20/1993Flood Zone, Richmond, VA 65% 16/45Jam
    01/23/1993Trax, Charlottesville, VA
 01/26/1993Trax, Charlottesville, VA 80% 23/45Redemption Song
    01/27/1993DMBLive - The Flood Zone, Richmond, VA 01/27/1993, Flood Zone, Richmond, VA 58% 15/45Clean up the Dog Shit
    01/29/1993Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC 91% 29/45Should I Stay Or Should
 01/30/1993Zollman's Pavilion at Washington & Lee University, Lexington, VA 27% 12/45Improv
    02/01/1993Studio Recording (Quad Studios?), Unknown, New York, NY 71% 18/45Kind Intentions
    02/01/1993Unknown, Unknown, Unknown 10/45Rhyme and Reason
    02/01/1993The Balcony, Blacksburg, VA
    02/04/1993Flood Zone, Richmond, VA 77% 17/45I'll Back You Up
    02/05/1993Ritz Power Jam, The Ritz, New York, NY 100% 27/45All Along The Watchtower
    02/06/1993Zollman's Pavilion at Washington & Lee University, Lexington, VA 85% 22/45The Maker
    02/09/1993Trax, Charlottesville, VA 82% 20/45Oopmah-Loompah Theme
    02/10/1993Flood Zone, Richmond, VA 86% 30/45Drive In Drive Out
    02/11/1993Sigma Phi - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 83% 24/45Jam
    02/12/1993Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, VA 100% 45/45Ants Marching
    02/13/1993Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, VA 100% 38/45Recently
    02/16/1993Trax, Charlottesville, VA
 02/17/1993Flood Zone, Richmond, VA 78% 21/45Cry Freedom
    02/23/1993Trax, Charlottesville, VA
    02/24/1993Flood Zone, Richmond, VA
    02/25/1993Sigma Alpha Epsilon - University of Georgia, Athens, GA 44% 26/45The Song That Jane Likes
    02/26/1993Phi Delta Theta - University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 100% 42/45Blue Water Baboon Farm
    02/27/1993Trax, Charlottesville, VA
    03/01/1993The Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC 82% 41/45Best of What's Around
    03/02/1993Trax, Charlottesville, VA 75% 34/45Christmas Song
    03/03/1993Flood Zone, Richmond, VA 80% 28/45Cry Freedom
    03/04/1993Randolph-Macon Woman's College, Lynchburg, VA
    03/06/1993Kappa Sigma Fraternity House - Washington & Lee University, Lexington, VA 85% 39/45Drive In Drive Out
    03/07/1993Miguel Valdez Benefit, Flood Zone, Richmond, VA 70% 14/45#34
    03/09/1993Miguel Valdez Benefit, Trax, Charlottesville, VA 80% 40/45#34
    03/10/1993Miguel Valdez Benefit, Flood Zone, Richmond, VA 40% 11/45#34
    03/12/1993Chi Phi - University of Georgia, Athens, GA 84% 32/45Angel From Montgomery
    03/13/1993The Riverside Amphitheatre, Tuscaloosa, AL
    03/16/1993Trax, Charlottesville, VA 62% 37/45Jam
    03/17/1993Flood Zone, Richmond, VA 43% 31/45Danny Boy
    03/18/1993Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY 47% 25/45I'll Back You Up
    03/20/1993Fraternity Court, Chapel Hill, NC 100% 43/45Help Myself
    12/27/1993The Bayou, Washington, D.C.
    12/28/1993Record Exchange, Charlotte, NC 44/45Typical Situation
    12/28/1993Pterodactyl Club, Charlotte, NC 82% 36/45#36
    12/29/1993Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC 71% 19/45Say Goodbye
    12/31/1993The Marriott, Richmond, VA 34% 35/45#36


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