Charleston, SC, United States

Venues in Charleston, SC, United States
Galliard Auditorium
McAlister Field House - The Citadel
Music Farm
College Of Charleston
Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park
Top Attendees
1. THMPhilosopher (5)
2. scottishallan (4)
3. crashintome54 (3)
4. heaviest weight (3)
5. jcmartin13 (3)
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City Stats
Shows Played: 8
Ants @ State: 579
City Song Stats

Date Venue Rating Rarest Song
DMB 1992-12-04Music Farm, Charleston, SC Halloween
DMB 1993-04-03College Of Charleston, Charleston, SC
DMB 1993-11-19Music Farm, Charleston, SC Angel From Montgomery
DMB 1994-02-18Music Farm, Charleston, SC
DMB 1994-07-19Desperados, Charleston, SC Dancing Nancies
DMB 1995-04-08McAlister Field House - The Citadel, Charleston, SC Help Myself
D&T 1999-02-12Galliard Auditorium, Charleston, SC What Will Become of Me
DMB 2008-07-04Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park, Charleston, SC So Much To Say