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Fall 1993

Show 21 of 54
22 Songs / 12.9 Avg.
Rarity: 23 of 52 (34)
This show has an overall rarity index of 22.38

Total Song Time: 2 hours, 33 minutes, 17 seconds

October 26, 1993
October 29, 1993
October 30, 1993
October 31, 1993
November 2, 1993

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Dave Matthews Band
Saturday, October 30, 1993
Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY
+/- Song Time Plays Guests Notes
Jimi Thing ...>10:5210 of 32
Seek Up 13:139 of 25
The Song That Jane Likes 3:229 of 31
One Sweet World 8:1211 of 37
Granny 4:269 of 36
Help Myself 4:307 of 27
Pay For What You Get 6:236 of 12
Ants Marching 7:1312 of 37
Halloween 7:445 of 12 It seems odd that two, full band Halloween’s would appear in the same show. The 1st Halloween may be from a different show (and on the original DAT recording as filler)
Minarets ...>7:506 of 29 opened set II
Typical Situation 8:175 of 17
Satellite 5:067 of 27
What Would You Say 5:273 of 18
Tripping Billies 4:3111 of 39
Dancing Nancies 7:408 of 33
Lie In Our Graves 5:4710 of 30
True Reflections 6:458 of 25 Richard
Christmas Song 5:221 of 9
All Along The Watchtower 7:198 of 16 Richard
Recently 11:189 of 21
Say Goodbye 4:164 of 30 Richard called Quick Lay And Goodbye
Halloween 7:445 of 12
Show Notes
The Wetlands was infamous for very long set breaks - for recreational reasons. It's more than likely that the band took at least a 45 minute to hour break between sets.
Dave broke many strings during the first set, on practically every song


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