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Winter 1992

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25 Songs / 7.62 Avg.
Rarity: 14 of 21 (31.17)
This show has an overall rarity index of 16.96

Total Song Time: 2 hours, 34 minutes, 10 seconds

December 25, 1992
December 26, 1992
December 28, 1992
December 29, 1992
December 30, 1992

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Dave Matthews Band
Monday, December 28, 1992
Lewis's, Norfolk, VA
+/- Song Time Plays Guests Notes
Minarets ...>6:353 of 4
Blue Water Baboon Farm 12:223 of 4
Kind Intentions (Tease) 1:481 of 1 Dave plays the chords to Kind Intentions, before the singing part of it, a few times when deciding what to play. The song appeared a few weeks later in studio.
Best of What's Around 6:295 of 5
The Song That Jane Likes 3:003 of 5
Spotlight 5:423 of 5
The Maker 6:304 of 5
Dancing Nancies 8:114 of 6
True Reflections 6:205 of 7
What Would You Say 6:405 of 7
Lie In Our Graves 3:495 of 7
Pay For What You Get 4:574 of 6 Norwegian Wood Interpolation, Come Together Interpolation
Grace Is Gone (Tease) 0:291 of 1 Dave, between songs, plays chords that are extremely similar to Grace Is Gone. Of course it's not a true tease in a sense, but it shows how Dave develops songs, and chords, that could linger in his head for years before becoming full-fledged songs. Many say that Dave is playing Norwegian Wood, which is similar in chord structure to Grace, but there is a slight difference to it, and Dave shows in later years that teases of future songs appear years before they become full fledged songs.
So Much To Say 4:425 of 7
Recently 10:153 of 3 Norwegian Wood Interpolation
Tripping Billies 5:414 of 6
Help Myself 4:424 of 7
Angel From Montgomery 4:494 of 7
Warehouse 0:155 of 6
Jam ...>10:031 of 1
Typical Situation 10:153 of 3
One Sweet World 5:174 of 5
Cry Freedom 6:022 of 3
Halloween 5:224 of 7
Two Step 13:554 of 6 Woody Woodpecker Theme Interpolation
Show Notes


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