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Summer 1998

Opener: The Getaway People

Show 27 of 28
18 Songs / 18.04 Avg.
Rarity: 3 of 28 (36.77)
This show has an overall rarity index of 26.23

August 26, 1998
August 27, 1998
August 29, 1998
August 30, 1998
September 10, 1998

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Seating Chart
Dave Matthews Band
Saturday, August 29, 1998
Walnut Creek Amphitheatre, Raleigh, NC
+/- Song Time Plays Guests Notes
Seek Up ...>12 of 12
Heartbeat ...>19 of 20
Pantala Naga Pampa ...>27 of 28
Rapunzel 27 of 28
Stay 24 of 24
The Stone 11 of 11
Drive In Drive Out 5 of 5
Lie In Our Graves 16 of 16
Don't Drink the Water 27 of 28 After Don't Drink, the band did a small Happy Birthday to Mike jam
Crash Into Me 23 of 23 Dixie Chicken Interpolation
The Last Stop 16 of 16 Reprise outro , Roi passed out during the song, due to the excessive heat.
Granny 5 of 5 This was a late addition to the set due to Roi's illness. Done without Roi, but he usually didn't play on it anyway (only sing).
Dancing Nancies 9 of 9 Without Roi
Warehouse 18 of 18 Without Roi
So Much To Say ...>11 of 11 Roi was back on stage by at least So Much To Say, but may have returned during Warehouse
Anyone Seen the Bridge ...>22 of 22
Too Much 23 of 23
E: Tripping Billies 21 of 21
Show Notes


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