There were 16 Dave Matthews Band shows in which 292 songs were played, an average of 18.25 songs per show.

At these 16 shows, there was 92 different songs played.

To see a list of songs played broken down by album, click here.

Show Statistics for

Top 10 Rarest Songs Seen

Hold Me Down0.196175
Leave Me Praying1.52838
Let You Down1.71773
A Dream So Real2.17918
For the Beauty of Wynona2.32172
Good Good Time2.86738
Break Free3.3049
Sleep to Dream Her3.69338

Top 10 Songs Played

Ants Marching10
Too Much9
Tripping Billies8
Crash Into Me8
All Along The Watchtower8
Anyone Seen the Bridge8
So Much To Say8
Jimi Thing7
Dancing Nancies7

Top 10 Rarest Shows Seen

DMB 2001-04-2820.0014
DMB 2002-07-1120.137
DMB 2005-06-2920.3923
DMB 2004-07-2621.1964
DMB 2006-06-2121.4509
DMB 2007-09-1824.4412
DMB 2001-04-2924.6885
DMB 2008-07-0225.1155
DMB 2000-09-0125.1419
DMB 2003-09-1725.1913

Songs Heard as an Opener

One Sweet World3
Seek Up2
The Stone2
What Would You Say2
Don't Drink the Water1
Grey Street1
Louisiana Bayou1
Tripping Billies1

Teases Heard

Big Eyed Fish1
Joy Ride1
Too Much1

Guests Seen

Butch Taylor7
Rashawn Ross3
David Ryan Harris1
Jamal Milner1
Jeff Coffin1
Tim Reynolds1

Songs Heard as an Encore

Ants Marching5
All Along The Watchtower4
Tripping Billies4
Angel From Montgomery2
American Baby Intro1
Good Good Time1
Grace Is Gone1
Grey Street1
Hold Me Down1
Leave Me Praying1
Little Thing1
Long Black Veil1
Two Step1
What Would You Say1
You Might Die Trying1


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