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2017 Tours
2017 Various Dave and Tim
Dave & Tim International 2017 Tour
Dave and Tim Year Off Tour 2017
2017 Various

Song Statistics

Dave & Tim International 2017 Tour

15 Shows Played - Grouped by Album

Remember Two ThingsPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Satellite11 83.333335.5919Up
Ants Marching8 5048.4194Up
Minarets7 5015.717Up
Tripping Billies4 5038.3327Up
One Sweet World2 25.6614Down
Recently2 16.666722.6707Down
Seek Up1 19.109Down

Under the Table and DreamingPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Warehouse14 83.333333.4591Up
Jimi Thing11 5040.7689Up
Dancing Nancies8 33.333335.3635Down
What Would You Say4 5025.6186Up
Best of What's Around1 15.6922Down
Lover Lay Down1 10.0495Down

CrashPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Two Step12 66.666739.2111Up
#4112 83.333337.7377Up
Crash Into Me9 5040.3866Up
Lie In Our Graves6 5031.1583Up
So Much To Say3 33.333326.4456Up
Say Goodbye1 18.1779Down

Before These Crowded StreetsPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Crush14 83.333339.5945Up
Don't Drink the Water8 33.333345.5575Down
Rapunzel4 33.333322.9769Up
The Stone3 33.333321.288Up
The Dreaming Tree1 6.03865Down
Stay1 20.5725Down
Halloween1 8.42402Down

EverydayPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
The Space Between10 66.666716.4323Up
When the World Ends7 66.666725.1891Up
Fool to Think7 66.66678.99308Up

Busted StuffPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Grey Street11 5041.1682Up
Bartender10 66.666729.2778Up
Where Are You Going4 16.666726.0731Down
Grace Is Gone2 16.666721.1307Down

Some DevilPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Save Me9 5015.6481Up
Stay or Leave8 5020.8703Up
So Damn Lucky7 33.333326.4815Up
Gravedigger6 66.666723.271Up
Dodo2 2.66667Down
Some Devil2 16.666711.4068Up
Oh2 16.666710.2857Up

Stand UpPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
You Might Die Trying8 66.666733.4038Up
Old Dirt Hill5 5014.7715Up
Out of My Hands4 33.333311.1702Up
Dreamgirl2 16.666712.4736Up

Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux KingPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
You And Me8 5049.1749Up
Funny The Way It Is5 33.333339.3027Down
Lying In The Hands Of God3 21.1221Down
Dive In1 5.98007Down
Spaceman1 29.6355Down

Away From The WorldPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Rooftop4 33.333332.0242Up
If Only2 28.2967Down
Mercy1 30.1587Down
Snow Outside1 16.666718.429Down

UnreleasedPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Virginia In The Rain13 83.333323.2143Up
Samurai Cop11 83.333366.9643Up
Corn Bread8 33.333339.1857Down
Black and Blue Bird7 5034.7826Up
Death On The High Seas7 5036.3095Up
Bismarck4 33.333334.8214Down
Little Thing4 33.33334.40714Up
Granny2 16.666721.0931Down
Loving Wings1 16.66677.75Up
Sugar Will1 16.66677.14286Up
Sister1 21.5618Down

Cover SongsPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Muros y Puertas5 16.666710.5263Up
All Along The Watchtower4 33.333328.7919Up
Pretty Bird4 33.33339.80392Up
Worried Man Blues3 33.333324Up
She's a Woman1 16.66672.12766Up
Kashmir1 16.66671.5444Up
Take Me To Tomorrow1 16.666712.6154Up
The Maker1 6.09663Down

Tim SongsPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Grab the Horns by the Bull 3 33.333315.3846Up
Tangled Web We Weave3 16.666714.1176Up
Manfood3 16.666719.2308Down
Stream2 2.85474Down
Summer Night in December 2 16.66677.54717Up
Healing Notion2 7.5Down
Mystery Bach2 4.87805Down
Chatterbox1 16.66670.663717Up
DGA1 2.63158Down
Betrayal1 16.66672.03562Up
Never Done Before1 2.32558Down
2 Notes1 2.63158Down
You Are My Sanity1 1.34341Down
Continue1 16.66670.256082Up
Tim Solo Unknown1 16.66672.20636Up
Ode to the Box1 7.69231Down
Cupids Pointy Arrow 1 16.66672.27273Up
I Love Prague1 2.5641Down
Manballs1 16.66672.27273Up

Little Red BirdPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Little Red Bird1 16.66679.12477Up


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