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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
April 10, 2017
Coliseu Lisboa, Lisbon, Lisboa

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User: avalanche44

User: Cami
miro_eight\'s review pretty much sums up the show for me!! Amazing energy, and then going to the Porto show the following day, it made me feel it should have been the other way around, Lisbon should have been the tour closer

User: cheeee
Just Perfect!

User: drumman998
Second time for me to see D&T (the first being a short set at the Caravan @ the Gorge in 2011) and first time internationally...all I can say is what a crowd they have in Lisbon. Energy levels through the roof! Really neat venue also...standing room on the ground with tiered seating around the edges. The floor had a wood incline built as well so folks standing at the back were slightly higher than those in front of them which was nice. Also you could feel the floor vibrating between songs with people stomping on it and chanting...surreal experience. Have never had a double get a triple blew my mind. They started at around 9:15 and played till 12:30-12:40 somewhere in there. Three + hour set. Not a ton of dave speak either...he talked about drinking some rum with Carols and that his family was visiting this time...and it was obvious he was in love with the city since Lisbon has always been good to them. I would have to agree with that sentament as well. Fans we were around were all really cool and kind. A+ to D&T and A+ to Lisbon!

User: Everyday18
Absolutely amazing. The crowd was so "alive" and dave loved it!

User: Fretless
Portuguese crowd, what else?!

User: miro_eight
This was a sick show with insane audience. I was dead center, 10 meters away from Dave and Tim. The crowd was singing along on almost all songs, and had prepared some pretty awesome chants like e.g.the main riff on Grey street, the rhythm guitar of the reprise of Lie in Our Graves, the culmination of the Two Step intro. Dave and Tim were surprised by latter two and obviously enjoyed it a lot. At one point Dave even said the amount of love he feels from the crowd is almost too overwhelming. In terms of performance, Dave's voice sounded absolutely great and honestly much better than full band these days. At some point, you couldn't hear well some of Tim's solos, or the crowd outsang Dave on a few places but that was understandable and was not enough to ruin it for me. Highlights for me were Bartender (really great performance by Dave), Samurai Cop, LIOG, Virginia (this sounded really well save for a couple of American bros, whom I wanted to throw off the balcony), Say goodbye (tour debut), Grey Street, Warehouse (this was perfect all along) and Two Step. The lowest points to me were Walls and Doors (I don't like the song, I don't like Carlos, and in general I don't like other people singing at Dave shows), Tim's performances (I think both song selection and performance were not good enough). Also, I hate to say it, The Stone is my favorite Dave song, but I just didn't feel it this time. It wasn't exactly a low point, but I expected a better outro. Encores 1 and 2 were really appropriate and energetic, though ironically those are the exact 4 songs I skip every time I'm listening to DMB. Dave was actually going to play Crash to close E2,but decided on the spot to change to Nancies. Anyway, he played Crash as E3, and I think this was just the perfect ending of the night. Overall, these small issues were largely outnumbered by the epicness of the whole thing and there is no way I can give this show less than 5. Would gladly repeat Portugal any time they come back.

User: The2SteppingPig
Holy shit that crowd. A little overwhelming at times, but gave it all a great atmosphere. Probably won't ever experience anything like that in the states.


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