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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
March 23, 2017
Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Dublin

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Show Reviews

User: #41Tom
good, lots of repeats from london, davespeak funny, dave was obviously really into the show, bantering with hecklers, performances very strong. only real complaint would be lack of setlist diversity. crowd mostly very good, and we got a fight at the end - always good entertainment nearly got a third encore

User: acs2w
You can tell these guys are touring because they just love what they do... Beautiful, small venue, and I got lucky with getting into the main pit, right in front of the stage, which bumps this from 4 to 5 stars (based on my personal experience). Highlights were Bartender DDTW was on the setlist, but they played this because somebody shouted it out). Just loved the flexibility. Dave tried to come on for a third encore, but they wouldn't let him. Just so fun to watch these guys jam. Never gets old.

User: belly_snuff
The guys from Yorkshire yelling at Dave to play Bartender, right after he played Bartender. :)**great joke guys** It legit made Dave laugh. Amazing Night, too bad about the idiots yelling after every song.

User: thedocford
Dave was awesome, Tim was on fire!

User: weezerdude
Great performance, setlist was Ok, really enjoyed Carlos Varela's tune & Fool To Think.


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