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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
March 21, 2017
Eventim Apollo, London, Greater London

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Show Reviews

User: #41Tom
V good show. No repeats, including davespeak;) 3-song encore unexpected especially after AATW, 8/10

User: browneyed
Dave\'s tooth was better.

User: Cami
Bartender, Sugar Will, Minarets, The Stone, Dancing Nancies... Amazing Night 2!!

User: Cptn. Monkeyman
This was an amazing D&T show at an amazing venue. Right from the start I could tell this was gunna be an awesome show as they opened up with the rare Little Thing. Daves voice on this performance was perfect. Other highlights in the first set were the rare Dream Girl for it's first D&T performance (which a fan had asked for the night before, awesome!) and the rare Sugar Will for it's first D&T performance. (This one was also asked for from a shouting fan on night 1). Tripping Billies closed the first set, and it was played really well. Set 2 highlights to me were Black & Blue Bird ( my fav from the new batch, first time hearing it as a D&T), The Stone, and A really awesome rendition of Rapunzel. I never expected to hear that song as a D&T performance, but wow it was done amazingly. Nancies closed the set, and had the crowd going wild. A great encore need the 2 night run in London, All Along the Watchtower seems like it'd be the closer, but then they went in to a sweet version of Crash Into Me.

User: ethano2003
Great set included The Stone!! Awesome Watchtower in the encore also, they played a ton of songs! Sat next to an Australian/Englishman who told the loud ass couple on the other side of my mom and I to be quiet as they were so annoying. "Could you be any less interesting" is a classic line I hope to never forget.


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