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Dave Matthews & Friends
February 4, 2006
Sovereign of the Seas, Nassau, New Providence

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Show Reviews

User: carebear2575
oh my goodness!!!! will never forget this show as long as i live. so close to dave that i could see his guitar picks on his mic stand! amazing!!!

User: DMB_36
fucking awesome even when a bench full of drunk guys collaspes on my girlfriends knee. she is ok and had a blast too. this was the show of a lifetime.

User: ducatilvr
5523 w/ AuntieCate, Amy, Joanna....we had a blast,the best cabinmates ever. Hope to do it again sometime. LOVE DAVE!

User: FatAlbert
I wore no shoes in a carpeted theater with a cozy sweater and jeans just after being soaked and chilled to the bones in a mad carribean rain. Trey's smile, Dave's throut and Tim's rythem heated me. Probably the strongest spiritual experience provided via concert I've ever felt. Do I just quit concert-going now? Naaaah, feed me.

User: fyrdncer
This was one of the best shows I have been to. Dave kicked it out for the fans. I will never forget that show at 1:oo in the morning on that big ole rockin boat. I love Dave for comming on when it hates to be on the water. Love you Dave.

User: goodgoodtime29
best thing ive ever spent money on in my entire life, words cannot explain how much fun this was. there is SO much missing from the setlists online. i actually have alot of this on tape if anyone is interested.

User: griffd2004
Dave joked on the island that they might have to get on the boat later. I thought later might have meant the next day or something since it was already very late. When I returned to the boat, I looked around for Grace Potter, but instead found this surprise. What a show! Dave and Trey were having a blast, and so were the so damn lucky fans that found the show as thousands of other poor fans gambled in the casinos or slept in their cabins.

User: hotchilio
Room 7032, a truly uplifting experience after being rained out so bad and soaked to the bone on the island location. We were up in the balcony on Tim's side for this show and had an unbelivable view of all the boys. Tim rocked as usual really digging into his guitar with total passion, Brady played with no shirt on again (yay!!), a lit cigerette in his mouth the entire time, playing tamborine with one hand and a drum stick beating on the drums with the other, he's truly a gifted artist. Dave and Trey just rocked the house as usual, how does Trey make it look so effortlessly?? And who has ever seen Dave drink on stage?? This was exciting stuff..Tony hall rocked on his bass and had the total funk meter turned up high!! Much respect for Ray after he got completely soaked on the Island, they were trying to cover him with sheets of plastic to protect him and his piano from the rain and it just didn't work out..He came on the ship and played his heart out for us on those last 10 songs..Thanks boys! I get goosebumps just sitting here and reliving the experience in my head..

User: illiswillis
left chips on the craps table to bumrush the auditorium

User: jareds*dad
So cool, I was lucky just to be there.

User: jennjami
Cruise from Port Canaveral with Margaret :-)

User: jessicaashley31
Rooms 5557 5553

User: LeBe
What a crazy night - finally "home sweet home", warm, clean and dry - thought I was going to grab some late night pizza, but to my surprise I was going to another Dave show! Being 5' tall - it was great being on the balcony above the soundboard with a perfect view, I could even sit in a comfy chair, and have a cocktail sitting on the little table beside me brought to me by a waiter! -- I can't believe it was the same day - earlier I could barely see on my tiptoes, had to wait two hours for a beer -- and was freezing cold. I really can't believe I was there for all of it -- it is like a dream.

User: LexusCruiser
Was so great of DM&F to just suprise us and jam out. I was lucky enough to get right next to the stage.

User: maxer71
i was really drunk walkin around the ship when i walked into the showroom to the surprise of dave fuckin playin on the ship. it was sweet

User: reprty77
It was great to see Dave in such a small venue. It was almost like being in a local bar jammin to Dave. It sure doesn't get much better than that!

User: Springsteen1969

User: ucrushedme
Unbelievable! We had a strong enough feeling that Dave was going to follow through on his hints that the band was going to come onto the boat(s) for a show, so we got to the main showroom as fast as we could and made a run for the front as the doors were opened. As mentioned in my beach show review . . . way too many memories to put into words here . . . Aaaaaahhhh! I do "feel" for those unlucky enough to have missed out on this one cuz they left the beach early or didn't figure he was coming aboard.


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