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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
April 29, 1996
Maxx, Charlottesville, VA

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Show Reviews

User: bullmoos77
Crash one hour later at same place....Yeah!

User: Jamima2fl
My first concert.

I just moved to C'ville in February, I was still in High School. I was going to the Nissan show, for my first show the day of the Crash release. One of my friends older brothers was a bouncer at Trax, he told us they were having a pre release party and he'd let us in.

User: StormJamieson
This show was incediable. I had to wait inline at the local music store for like 5 hours to pre-order crash to get free tickets. On the day of the we drove to charlottesville listening to live dmb all the way. When we got there we noticed afew people in the crowd. Boyd and Stefan but no one in the room dare go near them. We waited inside for about 45 min for the opening band to start which was the boyd tensly band!!!They were awesome, I am very surprised that I cant find it maby it wasnt taped. After about another 40 min dmb hit the stage to do 5 songs. All of wich were awesome(descrepency in the shn's that are floating. Too much was not performed at max, but at trax) we stood about two feet from the band, the place was tiny. After the drive in drive out dave said he had to go over next store to play for the people at trax and that was it. We had to wait like another hour and a half to get the goods. at midnight they handed us a limited edition thithograph(hanging in my living room as we speak)a copy of the album, and a autographed copy of the album cover!!!!!! The whole night was electric even when we were standing around waiting. One of the best nights I have ever spent with the dave matthews band. It was a shame however that leroi and carter were not there.


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