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Dave Matthews Band
April 10, 1995
The Edge, Orlando, FL

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Show Reviews

User: aebowman
Big Head Todd opened

User: amcqueen
The first DMB show I had ever seen. It rocked!! Actually met the band afterwards. Words can not express......

User: fldavefan
my 1st dave show good show but the venue was just ok

User: Mr. Gravedigger
Amazing....was front row until I got crushed. BHT was cool too as an opening act. They moved the show from outside to insite due to weather which made it real intimate.

User: suprtma
1st show for me.....made me a Dave fan fo' sho!!

User: turtleflex
Dave shared the headline with Big Head Todd and the Monsters, who also played a full set. After using a dolly to wheel the amps and speakers on the stage, they opened with a single spotlight on Boyd for the intro to Warehouse. The place went nuts. I have seen Dave forty some times and this is one of the best shows I have ever seen, simply because it was such a small venue and every song they played would late be a classic.

User: WindyCityFan
My second Dave show ever. My first show was sometime in the early spring of 1994 at a small club in Tallahassee, FL called The Louvre on Gaines Street (it has since changed names, ironically, to The Warehouse). It cost me $3. I know it was early spring because I didn't have enough money for the CD at the show and it was nowhere to be found in Tallahassee (I had started listening to a friend's tape of a tape which is how I had heard about Dave and why I went to the show). I remember asking my friend to look for the CD when she went home to Atlanta for Spring Break--and she found it and brought it back to me. I have searched and searched and have seen no reference to this show anywhere. There were 50 people at most there, Dave wandered around smoking a bowl beforehand, and there were a bunch of Georgia students who had driven down for the show. I remember vividly that the stage was really broken up and that some of the members were actually on different levels. Dave made a comment that he usually can see his other bandmates when he places. Anyhoo, the Orlando show was my second show ever and I convinced my younger brothers to drive there from Tampa. The tickets were $17.50. I remember seeing Boyd in the parking lot before the show and him saying hello. We managed to be front row center the whole show. It was unreal and it really confirmed what I had seen at the Tallahassee show. Halloween will forever stand out in my mind. Dave's gutteral, primal scream during Halloween--face beat red--veins bulging--voice straining. It gives me chills still. But for some reason I remember Boyd singing True Reflections ("find some inspiration...")--not Angel from Montgomery. Can anyone 'back me up' on that?


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