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Dave Matthews Band
October 18, 1996
Starwood Amphitheatre, Antioch, TN

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Show Reviews

User: bknapp4dave
Great set! Starwood was buzzing

User: bokerjoker
I was at the 1996-10-18 show at Starwood. Anyway, this was my first Dave show. My best friend had an extra ticket and told me a week before the concert about DMB. Well, I had never heard of them, so he gave me some CDs to listen to. I have been hooked ever since!

User: giantjeff
I had a similar experience that others did with this show. Some friends of mine had an extra ticket and offered it to me. I never really listened to DMB but decided it would be fun to go. I believe this show was rescheduled from an earlier date and I distinctly remember it being cold as hell! Everybody was bundled up and standing close to each other. The show was great and I enjoyed it very much. How come nobody has this one recorded? I would love to get my hands on it. Anyway, went out and bought "Under The Table And Dreaming" and "Crash" the next day and have been a fan ever since.

User: Kevin1976
This was a rescheduled show from earlier in the summer due to the passing of Stefan Lessard's daughter. I had seen DMB for the first time on Sept 7th and i remember this show being originally scheduled shortly after, but being pushed back to October. The show itself was a decent one, Ive not found a bad DMB show per se, but of all the shows Ive attended this one is considered to be the worst. Not sure if it was due to the extreme cold or the sombre feeling atmosphere but it was hard to get into this show and enjoy the jams.

User: stolldog
Front row on this chilly night - Still remember the incredible (and long) Seek Up opener. Fantastic show.

User: VaSunshine78
First show ever! Did not who they were, it made me a fan! :)


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