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Show Reviews
Dave Matthews Band
August 25, 1998
Tampa Bay Ice Palace, Tampa, FL

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Show Reviews

User: curious hands
I went to this show with the wrong people! They did not appreciate the talent. Also had pretty bad seats since someone else was in charge of getting them but just glad to go since it was sold out. The highlight, Ants Marching- the lowlight-terrible acoustics.

User: dmbfanz5669
I believe my first DMB show

User: fishguts621
My first DMB show. Had a good time with co-workers. I was not familiar with there music at this time but what was played on the radio.

User: fldavefan
good show but the acoustics in th ice pallace suck...dave was great tough as usual

User: irishDaveFan
Great show, I don't remember too much of it though :( I would Love to have it on cd so i could remember it.

User: Jefe73
My first Dave show! One word...incredible!!

User: postmodman
First Show....nuff said. Oh, and 6th row center...

User: Riccardi50
First Dave show I was ever able to go too. Got my tickets off a scaper for like 30 bucks for two...not bad since the thing was sold out. Took my girlfriend or the time and had fun, just couldn't understand a word he said be the acoustics in the Ice Palace/St. Petersburg Ice Forum suck!

User: Tom4681
My first DMB gig. Was amazing. Pitty I was sitting so far away though

User: toorpat
This was my first Dave Matthews show and it was absolutely incredible. Before this show I had never really heard Dave before and after this show I have been to see him every year.

User: Vinnyjr79
This was the first show I ever went to. Little did I know when I signed up I would be hooked for life. This show maked the begining of a long string of DMB concerts that Chuck Brinton and I would attend. And so it began...


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