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Dave Matthews Band
June 2, 1998
Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH

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Show Reviews

User: 10000fpm
My first Dave show!

User: BigBlueAces
great show

User: bush662
great show, right after BTCS was released, so it was nice to hear the new tunes(at the time)

User: clevelandgirl
It was my birthday!

User: feiqwan
Awesome concert amazing setlist Two-Step encore was perfect

User: jhedden
This was my first DMB show and it was great. The Last Stop was so energized. Typical situation and Two Step as an encore were incredible.

User: jjerome00
I was in college, and my friend and I drove down from Pittsburgh to see this show, then drove back up to see the Pittsburgh show the next day. I didn't know much of the recent album then, and I felt disappointed that I did not know all the songs. After looking back on the set list, I realize that I was much too paranoid about not knowing some of the songs before the concert. It affected my view of the show. Some people held a sign up during the show that read "Hey Dave, you got?". He noticed it, and said he might see them out back later that night. I always like it when groups acknowledge the crowd.

User: jon2330
4th concert.

User: jprodouz
Great venue, great setlist. Right after BTCS came out.

User: Kba4321

User: KenManR9

User: laurlyne
These were the best seats I've ever had for a DMB concert. Loved the show and it was neat to see a different venue.

User: OtisPimpBoot
My 1st DMB show. Lover Lay Down was a high-light for me. There was also an extremely chemically impared young lady to the left of us that never slowed down her furious dancing/spining/jumping throughout the entire show. We found her to be pretty entertaining.

User: Seantuk420
Any show in the pit is one to remember! Dave and Boyd were both right there. They were tearing it up in '98 and this one was no different.

User: steinnat
This show had one of the best, most energizing encores I have ever heard. Just incredible. They were still finding their groove on some of the BTCS stuff at this point, but Last Stop (w/ reprise) was superb. This is one of my favorite shows.


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