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Dave Matthews Band
June 18, 1999
Polaris Amphitheatre, Columbus, OH

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Show Reviews

User: bew0602
First show with randi

User: bknepp
Great show

User: capucci
Great show. Almost got arrested in the parking lot (LONG Story!!!). Good show. Hated getting teased with the encore of Warehouse into Ants. Drove there 7 hours, went to show, drove home 7 hours. Long day.

User: jfc33
Great Show

User: klinenick
First time long distance for a show. 8th show

User: Kungfoo
Great show to hang out in the lawn and relax. One of my more memorable DMB shows.

User: kyraiyne
Im pretty sure this is the concert where they passed out free condoms and people were blowing them up and bouncing them around like beach balls. There were 100's of them!! LOL

User: laxgurl7
sweet concert!

User: numbr41
Great 1st DMB show to attend for me.

User: robisme723
Not a bad show, but I've seen better. Felt the encore was kind of a weak ending especially with the Warehouse intro tease to Ants. Help Myself was a nice treat and it was the first time I'd heard Pig live. So over all it was decent. Not outstanding, but good.

User: tommyskid
i rarely get to experience seek up, then to hear #41...THRILLING :) i jammed with the masses in the lawn for both nights at polaris

User: Volcanojen
First show this run at Polaris... another smokin' set from the boys and great seats down front thanks to the Warehouse!


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