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Dave Matthews Band
September 10, 2000
Coca-Cola Lakewood Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA

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Show Reviews

User: adrock911_2000
Second Dave show, I really enjoyed it. Nothing too special.

User: bartender4141

User: bbmaru
W/ Emily?

User: bytdmb
7th DMB show!

User: dmbamsouth
Incredible show, great performance, and incredible setlist. Probably last great setlist before everyday was released.

User: fldavefan
my 4th show this tour and i loved every one of them...again i loe the outside amaptheaters...and i think dave does too...great set

User: HokieStone
The boys were hitting on all cylinders this night. EXCELLENT show.

User: jesswilkins
For our 6 month anniversary, Burton surprised me with a trip to Atlanta to see Dave again. Kind of a selfish gift considering he was the bigger dave fan. We stayed in a hotel downtown and checked out atlanta, my first time there, and saw dave that night. Too long ago to remember what I thought about the show!

User: jhgagle
First DMB show and the best I've seen yet. Great venue, great set list with an AMAZING 20+ minute Two Step at the end. If you can track down a bootleg of this show, GET IT! (and send me one :) DRH stepped in on a few songs as he typically does in ATL and did not disappoint. Great show!

User: jimmi_thang
This is the worst concert venue I have ever been to mainly for the traffic problems! There is only one way in and one way out. I was very ashamed to be from Atlanta after this experience was over and plan to never return to this venue. I hate to say it but it took away from my experience....and that is my fault...I should not have let it. But the concert itself was Great!!!

User: jowens41
Wynona was great. Awesome show!

User: koomba
I thought this show was really great

User: lieinmybed11
great show was my first will never forget

User: mave_datthews
beauty of wynona full band was unreal. so were hearing song that jane likes and lillywhite songs like 'grey street'.

User: ozctrain
Really good show. Beauty of Wynonna...wow!

User: phrantically
Oh sure, oh sure.

User: pope52
Great show

User: Prime Minister
I love this band!

User: sdo0228
Good show, but I wasn't crazy about the setlist that night.

User: StrungOUT
First DMB show and was not the last Jimi thing almost made me pass out greatist show ever

User: sweethoney
Now this is my favorite show. David Ryan Harris is what makes Atlanta shows so great. I have this show and find myself listening to this more than any other show I have. The Beauty of Wynona is amazing!I wish they still played it.

User: twilightvoyage
Lawn/ General Admission

User: Vinnyjr79
First Dave show I went to out of Florida. My new girlfriend thought I was CRAZY. It was no CRUSH, we got married. Took the new Durango to Atlanta, Chuck and I layed down the seats and sleep in it at a rest stop. I have had a lot of great fun with Chuck on these tours, this must have been the best. Dave rocked Hotlanta for sure


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