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Dave Matthews
October 14, 2001
Groundworks, Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA

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Show Reviews

User: bloomk
Best Show Yet. Dave solo. 2nd Row

User: bmddmb
Note: Dave guested on "My Antonia" during Emmylou Harris' set. Not currently listed here.

User: damgoodwork
Glad a paid more on EBAY. Dav ewas great

User: DancinNancy58
Fuckin Amazing. First time he'd ever played where are you going and it was so sick. Acoustic watchtower was amazing. the whole concert was so docious.

User: Delsantos
First time Dave played Where Are You Going.

User: dontpokemyfish
fun shit

User: mcjeff
My First DM Experience. I was too "young" to fully appreciate it.

User: michellenicole
This was my first time in Seattle. We had a great time in the city and the concert was great! Looking back, it was probably one of the most memorable concerts I've been to. Getting to see Dave sing The Maker with Daniel Lanois and Emmy Lou Harris, plus seeing Dave and Emmy Lou Harris do My Antonia and seeing the live debut of "Where Are You Going" (I've come to not like to song that much, but at the time it was awesome!)

User: ProudestMonkE41
cool shit very cool setting i was lucky i got to go

User: rhiannon41
This was a special show for me. Flew up to Seattle just for the show, stayed the night, then flew back to California. Because of this trip, I ended up going moving to Seattle for law school. The show itself was fantastic. I particularly enjoyed Dave singing with EmmyLou Harris. This was also the first time Dave ever performed Where Are You Going, which was a nice treat.

User: sperls41
Front Row!!!!

User: uwdmbfan
Blew my mind, thanks Jen.


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