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What Did We Really Learn from the Instagram Leak

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Album News on 5/27/15 9:51pm

As you likely saw on Twitter, an Instagram account from a Viola performer leaked some sheet music from the orchestra additions to the Dave Matthews Band studio album tracks. There were three songs listed. The album thread is bursting with speculation. Here's what we can determine from the (now deleted) Instagram leak.

Don't count on the titles being set in stone.
We saw name changes in the last two sessions; Garden Hose became Seven, Skworm got it's correct spelling Squirm, and during Away From The World the naming of Big Things became Broken Things. So just because you see Bismark, Bob Law, and Here On Out, doesn't mean you should have them tattooed on your back.

Having a strings section doesn't mean anything.
Some Devil had a full orchestra on its eponymous album. It was removed (obviously). If you recall from the leaked Big Whiskey demo there was a You and Me version that was previously identified as "Stripped down". That just meant without all the orchestra, etc.

We still have no idea when or if an album is coming.
Dave said during a few different interviews that they are going to "road test" the songs. That means that some songs need more Dibba. Some need less Dibba. Lyrics and arrangements are still being toyed with - clearly. And don't forget that there has been no official announcement from the band that they're even doing an album. Away From The World had it's official announcement June 27, 2012 (with a September 11 release date), but it was announced as coming "soon" on February 15, 2012. We haven't received the "coming soon" announcement yet for this one.

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DMB Taps Cavallo to Produce Next Album

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Album News on 11/21/13 5:48pm

The rumors were true (for once), and yes, Dave Matthews Band will have a new album next year (allegedly). According to Rolling Stone DMB will work with Rob Cavallo on a future album. Dave has been in the studio off and on in November working on "stuff", according to the article.

Dave also heavily hinted to old(er) songs appearing on the album. So let the speculation begin! As for the fans, what does this mean? Well, to catch you up to speed, the hard-cores loved Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King (Cavallo's first work with DMB), and then they got sick of it. So Cavallo is not as bad of a word as "Ballard" or "Baston", but those who complain the most aren't thrilled with it. Why? Well, in addition to "venue wars", we now have "producer wars". Steve Lillywhite's Away From The World did receive high marks from fans, and he of course produced the "Big 3" (UTTAD, Crash, BTCS), so Lillywhite is still god. Seems pretty unfair considering BWGK is a great album, and a Grammy nominated one at that (if that matters). But you can count on some producer wars coming up on the boards.

Here's what I mean. No one wants to hear what Rob Cavallo can do to Shotgun. Everyone wants to hear what Lillywhite can do to Shotgun. Isn't that crazy? So no matter what song(s) that are known pop up on the album, you will have 23 threads pondering what Lillywhite would do to them. It's not fair to Cavallo. (for the record I don't care who produces it, as long as Shotgun makes it).

Stay tuned for the next few months of rumor, speculation, flat out lies, and a few tidbits of real info regarding the next DMB album. And just remember, nay-sayers, you loved BWGK when it came out. No, you did. Don't make me show you your posts.

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DMB Heading Back to the Studio?

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Album News on 9/9/13 7:24am

Have you heard the latest rumor? Word on the street says that Dave Matthews Band is heading back to the studio to work on another album. And there may be some merit to this one. The story originated with Tim Reynolds canceling some TR3 shows in the fall, which led to a venue letting it slip that Tim and DMB are going to the studio in November.

The rumor might not be that far off. If you're thinking of the timing of albums, with Away From The World being a mere year old, don't forget that DMB jumped back in the studio in 2006 after Stand Up's 2005 release. And given the dearth of plays this summer, it's not out of the imagination to believe that it's time for something new.

Are there other possibilities? Sure. Could be a solo album. Could be just a touch up of some B-sides, that only the hard-cores really want but that's another story. Or it could be a full-fledged album. So keep your ears open for more rumors and innuendos.

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Away From The World: The Review

Posted by Matt Yette in Album News on 9/17/12 1:35pm

Away from the World, the new album from Dave Matthews and The Band, has just hit the streets. No, I haven't lost my mind and forgotten the name of the band for which this site exists. Quite the contrary; this album is simultaneously one of the great musical accomplishments for the band, as well as a near solo showcase for Dave himself. Read on past the break for a more in depth look.

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An Interview with Jeff Coffin

Posted by Matt Yette in Band Side Projects on 9/13/12 11:31pm

Jeff Coffin is one of the most accomplished musicians you've ever heard. Three Grammys, three bands, an educator, a writer, a photographer, a husband, his own record label, and now, saxophonist for Dave Matthews Band. Jeff's *other* band, Jeff Coffin and the Mu'Tet, just released their latest album, Into the Air, on September 4th. We were lucky enough to run into Jeff at the Gorge, and he agreed to talk about his record, among other things. For those interested at looking inside the mind of an artist, there might be no greater subject than Mr. Coffin to examine. Check out the interview at the link below, or right here.

Jeff Coffin and the Mu'Tet's new album, Into the Air, is available on iTunes and cdbaby.

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Away From the World Cover Art

Posted by Matt Yette in Album News on 7/17/12 7:49am

With davematthewsband.com teasing possible album art hints via its front page boxes lately, it appears that Amazon.com is the first outlet to snag the much sought-after album art for the band's latest effort, Away From the World. If the artwork reminds you of the the last go round, Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King, you wouldn't be the only one. This cover has also been hand drawn by Dave Matthews and has his signature style all over it. With nine boxes all containing a uniquely stressed individual, it strikes up a lot of speculation as to what exactly each one is going through, and how that might relate to the songwriting for this release.

Away From the World drops on September 11, 2012, and is available for pre-order now.

Thanks to studious Ant coldengrey for digging this up!

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Studio Version of Mercy on Youtube

Posted by Zack Rippy in Album News on 6/28/12 5:13pm

Dave Matthews Band has posted the studio version of Mercy, from their upcoming album, Away From The World, which will be released on September 11, 2012. Along with Gaucho, this is the second studio track that has been made available by the band.

Check it out here:

Pre-Order Away From The World at the Official DMB Store.

Track List:
Broken Things
Belly Belly
The Riff
Belly Full
If Only
Snow Outside
Drunken Soldier

What do you think of Mercy? Discuss it on the boards!

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Dave Matthews Band New Album - Away From The World

Posted by Joe M in Album News on 6/27/12 12:00pm

The Dave Matthews Band will release their next studio album on September 11th in CD, digital and vinyl formats. The album features 11 tracks, 4 are ones seeing current rotation at summer concerts, Mercy, Gaucho, Sweet, and If Only. The album was recorded with Steve Lillywhite, who produced its first three studio albums - Under The Table And Dreaming, Crash and Before These Crowded Streets. The pre-order is now underway in the Official DMB Store and includes a free 5 track bonus disc of new songs recorded live on DMB's 2012 Summer Tour. Warehouse members who order through The Warehouse store will get an 8 track bonus disk. Also available are deluxe and super deluxe versions of the album. Click here to view all the full preorder offerings.

Track List:
Broken Things
Belly Belly
The Riff
Belly Full
If Only
Snow Outside
Drunken Soldier

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DMB Album Clearly has a Fall Release Date

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Album News on 5/4/12 1:43pm

Stefan has already tweeted it. Rashawn mentioned it to a fan. What more do you need to know that the 2012 Dave Matthews Band album won't be here until the fall? How about if you read it in Spanish?

Boyd Tinsley gave an interview to ESPNDeportes (that's ESPNSports in English, which doesn' t look nearly as cool as "Deportes") and talked tennis and the new album. The English Translation, which is not perfecto, does basically say that the album will be released in the fall (it actually says Autumn, but we're not nit-picky).

Boyd also gives a mention of a film he's producing, entitled Faces In The Mirror. That movie will be appearing in a few months, so keep an eye out for that as well.

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The 2012 Album has at least 1 guest

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Album News on 3/23/12 6:03pm

Even though the flow of info has been light, a few nuggets do leak through pertaining to the new Dave Matthews Band album. And given the era we live in, it's fitting that Facebook is the culprit. According to Tower Of Power keyboardist Roger Smith, he is playing on the new DMB album, as says his facebook.

The news of guests comes sort of out of left field; no one anticipated anything like that, and based on the few leaks of info, it seemed as though the sessions in Seattle were just the present DMB. Tower Of Power is opening a few shows (West Palm Beach among them), so clearly whatever songs have keys on them on the new album, chances are that Roger Smith will be sitting in on them in those shows.

So... what does that mean exactly? More "Butch Era" songs? Or more like Before These Crowded Streets with strategically placed keyboards to add more depth to songs (like Rapunzel)? And what do we make of a tweet from Stefan which claims that he also played keys on "something"? Dueling pianos? Or something worse than that?

Be on the lookout for some more news to come trickling out soon, but in the mean time, hang your hat on some piano on the new album.

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How Does The Potential Lillywhite Return Impact Fans?

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Columns on 1/11/12 4:16pm

Even thought it's not "official" yet, for all intents and purposes, Steve Lillywhite is in the studio right now with The Dave Matthews Band. How should you, the fan, react? Well, there's two possible ways, Sanguine or dour

To save you the dictionary search, that means basically you should be happy as a bear at an IQ convention (bears are smart!) or as cautious as bar-hopping in Beirut. Where do you fall? We here at antsmarching.org are here to facilitate your emotions.

For the cheery reasoning, our moderator Funky Tea Party (AKA Bob) has written the opinion . As for the more dark version, I play the foil. Doesn't matter which order you read em, I guess it just depends if you're a half-full or half-empty person.

And special thanks to ants user montana49kcX for creating the fresco to the right that accurately depicts how fans feel the Lillywhite/Dave relation is (see, I'm the downer).

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Looks Like Everyone Is In Seattle

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Album News on 1/5/12 7:39am

If you've been following (or stalking) Steve Lillywhite on Twitter, you know that he flew from New York to Seattle on January 4. That happens to be the same day that Stefan tweeted a picture of an airplane wing.... what does it mean????

It means what you already knew, there is a studio session "fixin" to start up in Seattle. It's a poorly kept secret that keeps getting confirmed in odd places (like a Facebook page for Trumpets), but that also means that the coveted "official announcement" must be on its way. Right? We created a new section in the forums to keep up with the hype. And take a minute to vote in the poll we created down over there (to the right... see it?). The Hype Machine is officially rolling for the most anticipated studio album in 12 years. No pressure, really.

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What's the Story with The Lillywhite Producing Rumors?

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Album News on 11/20/11 3:08pm

These rumors can no longer be ignored. It's pretty clear that there are a lot of rumors/innuendos/hints/answered prayers that say that Steve Lillywhite, producer of the "Big 3" of Dave Matthews Band albums, is going to be the producer for the next DMB studio effort. Lets first look at the facts before we get into the speculation and unconfirmed reports.

  • Dave teased fans that he hoped for new music in 2012.
  • Steve Lillywhite's Twitter Account is a bigger tease than Dita Von. Among the gems: "hung out with old friends tonight.... good times..", "i must say its all pretty exciting right now...", and "January will be AWESOME !!!"
  • Stefan's stream-of-consciousness Twitter actually got off a tangent thought, tweeting, "@Sillywhite you should follow me Lillywhite Sincerely Stefan".
  • A well known taper, not known for hyperbole, posted a conversation he overheard that is enough to bring even the smartest of arses on the boards to tears.
    A fan posted that through a friend (through Rashawn), DMB is going to the studio in January.

    And on top of that, we at Ants have been receiving emails from the usual "My friend that works at (insert uppity place here) told me that...". The two most interesting and plausible based on the info we list above is A. An email which claimed that indeed DMB is doing studio work in early 2012, and B. an email on a different subject where a source said that DMB is working with, "their old producer."

    So that's it, right? Hang on... just slow down a bit.

    First, Lillywhite met with DMB Management prior to Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. He even tweeted about the dinner in Charlottesville. That led to a rumor that he was producing the last album (in case you missed it, he didn't). And whereas everything listed in bullet points is most likely true, they don't mean that Steve Lillywhite is producing the next album. He could be doing, well, pretty much anything other than producing the next album. Sure, the unconfirmed reports we have sure look good, but until we get some official word, the hype machine will spin out of control.

    At the very least, it's safe to say that yes, the Dave Matthews Band will at the very least go into the studio in 2012 and work on a new album. But as we all remember from 2000, 04, 06, 07, and 08, that doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot. Sorry to end this on a downer...

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Caravan Wraps, Dave Teases

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Tour News on 9/19/11 3:48pm

Yes, the Dave Matthews Band Caravan came to an end on September 18, but any hopes for a sleepy off-season went out the window with a simple statement from Dave in the Encore:

"Next time I see you all I hope to have some new music for you"

What does it mean? Well, clearly it means that there are plans for new music. Generally speaking, this means album work. Two sources told antsmarching.org that there are indeed plans for studio work for DMB in 2012. But we'd like to point out that studio work does not always = a new album, or even a plan for an album. And not to rain on anyone's parade, the first session for what was intended to be be Big Whiskey And the GrooGrux King was in 2007. And the real first session was a year and a half prior to its release.

Fans have taken a bit of a Honey Badger approach to the news; some are jaded from past album plans. Others are a bit more sanguine and optimistic that the news will lead to a new DMB album. Either way, it makes the off-season a bit more lively!

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Download Funny The Way It Is

Posted by Joe M in Album News on 4/14/09 10:24am

Download the new Dave Matthews Band single Funny The Way It Is from Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King! www.rcarecords.com/dmbfreedownload

Two additional songs have also been added to the tracklist; previously unheard during the listening parties and subsequent demo albums: Seven and My Baby Blue, bringing the total number of tracks to 13, including the introductory track (Grux). Like one of the first tracks we heard of, "Shake Me Like a Monkey," "You and Me" has had its title modified slightly as well from the last known tracklist.

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Album Tracklist and Info - 'You N Me Stripped Down'

Posted by Joe M in Album News on 4/10/09 1:27pm

We continue to get tips about Dave Matthews Band's newest album Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King as we get closer to the ever approaching Preorder. With the band planning on playing the new songs starting at MSG on Tuesday and the album cover art slowly making its way out to us each day, we are expecting to see a preorder in the coming week. (Tuesday perhaps?).

Here's the latest we have. According to antsmarching.org sources, the album will have 10 tracks. While Dive In was anticipated to be the longest track, we are now told that the track clocks in at 4 and a half minutes and is not the longest. No track on the album hits the 6 minute mark. Stand Up and Everyday albums also fall into this category. The response has continued to be very positive from those that have already heard the album and those that have been involved with the album.

We also now know the last song to be You N Me Stripped Down making the album track list the following (in no particular order other then the intro and first track.):

  • (LeRoi Sax Intro)
  • Shake Me Like a Monkey
  • Dive In
  • Lying in the Hands of God
  • Funny The Way It Is
  • Spaceman
  • Skworm
  • Timebomb
  • Why I Am
  • Cockadile
  • You N Me Stripped Down

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Song Titles for a few Big Whiskey Tracks

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Album News on 3/28/09 9:30am

Dave Matthews Band and their management have hosted a few listening parties around the country, to get people familiar with the sound of the latest album, Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. Antsmarching.org has learned the names of a few of those tracks. Among the songs are the following: Why I Am, Funny The Way It Is, and Shake Me Like a Monkey, according to sources familiar with the listening parties. This brings the total to four counting the previously mentioned Lying In The Hands of God we mentioned previously. No other details were available about the songs (outside of a generic they sound good). These are supposedly final titles for the songs - DMB often uses working titles in the studio. But before you run out and get that Shake Your Monkey tattoo on your back, you might want to wait for an official announcement. During the Before These Crowded Streets sessions, songs had some late changes in song names, so things could change.

UPDATE: Some fans with good ears have pointed out that it sounds like Dave sings "why I am" at the end of the leaked clip that appeared in February. Now, don't forget that on Busted Stuff, the song Raven says "You Never Know" (the song You Never Know actually says "I'll Never Know" on the album version). And Dave is wont to repeat words or phrases in songs. But that does look promising as an identification of that clip as Why I Am.

UPDATE 2.0: According to an upcoming article by Rolling Stone, the previously mentioned Shake Your Monkey is actually Shake Me Like a Monkey. That also works with a Twitter update from December where Dave used the phrase "Shake Me Like A Monkey" (see, told you Dave wasn't just randomly twittering). The article also confirms Dive In as a title (which we can confirm as well), and Time Bomb, Spaceman, and Squirm. They call the album different, with a "new style" for DMB. The last we heard was that the album was closer to Crash than Stand Up, so take that however you'd like.

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New Song: Lying in the Hands of God

Posted by Joe M in Album News on 3/17/09 2:48pm

Let the new album details trickle in, yes trickle. Thanks to a Spring Music Preview by Rolling Stone Magazine we have the first official track name off the Dave Matthews Band’s new studio album Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King; Lying in the Hands of God. Clearly there hasn't been any title character limit when it comes to album and track names. The track is considered a highlight as it features LeRoi Moore playing sax lines along with Dave Matthews' vocals that echo each other. "It's kind of like a duet between us", says Dave. The article ends on the puzzling (and likely out of context) quote; "The good space that the band is in still very much includes him. Once this is done, I don’t know what’ll happen." Thanks to Goldy14 for the scan. Check out the discussion thread to scan it yourself.

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Amazon: DMB Album Comes with a DVD

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Album News on 3/6/09 7:27pm

It seems that one of the bonus discs for the upcoming Dave Matthews Band album will be a DVD. Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King's Amazon.com listing gives the option to order a DVD Deluxe with the order. So how 'deluxe' is the DVD? Well, it could be DVD-A, which would probably be a 24-bit recording (5.1) of the album. Or it could be behind the scenes footage of the band in video form. The latter seems more likely, considering that sometime guest and band archiver Joe Lawlor mentioned in his twitter account that he had video equipment in New Orleans about three weeks ago.

But before you rush over to Amazon to pre-order the album, you might want to wait to see what the official site offers. Antsmarching.org has learned that the plan is for something 'very special' for fans ordering through the official site in the form of a bonus disc. The final decision has yet to be made - with the album push-back and all - but it's probably going to be worth the wait.

The band is currently in Los Angeles as of early March doing the final mixing for the album, still slated for a June 2 release.

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DMB's New Album Title: Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Album News on 2/26/09 9:56pm

The long-anticipated 2009 Dave Matthews Band album has a name - Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King

Before you say, "What the...?" the title does have some meaning to it. GrooGrux was a nickname applied to LeRoi Moore by his friends; Rashawn mentioned that on his Myspace page after the saxophonist's passing. Also for reference you can hear Carter call LeRoi by Grux in the How We Have Fun Before The Show video by Stefan at about 3:10. We got a little hint to the album title from Dave on Sunday; "...still here dancing with the Groo Grux King. We'll be drinking big whiskey while we dance and sing. When I get to the end, I'm gonna end.."

The announcement of the album name from The Warehouse also re-confirmed the release date of June 2. So it appears everything is still on schedule for that date. Long Live the GrooGrux King.

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New Video from DMB Recording Sessions

Posted by Joe M in Album News on 2/23/09 10:03pm

We have a new video of the Dave Matthews Band from the studio for all of you to enjoy! The fly-on-the-wall clip features Boyd laying down recordings for the new album. While we aren't sure of the track name yet, these 23 seconds will at the least leave you wanting more.

Stefan recently finished his work in the studio and now Boyd is in doing the recording. The band recorded the songs as a whole and then individually went back to overdub parts to get the good clear takes. Boyd started his overdubbing as of last week. The video features strong drums but don't take it for any more then what it is, a clip from the studio during the recording process. Many times certain elements are altered during recording, such as increasing the volume of the bass and drums so the band member recording can clearly hear the beat. The album recording sessions and info about the upcoming album has been on the hush-hush, so even a 23 second clip is better than the silence.

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Summer Tour Dates Announced; Album Pushed to June 2

Posted by Matt Yette in Tour News on 2/18/09 5:48pm

Well, this has been an interesting day. Shortly after we wrote about Dave's latest tweet confirming the band's upcoming album will be pushed back past its original April 14 release date, the official site has announced the 2009 Dave Matthews Band Summer Tour Dates. The tour kicks off on May 27 at Darien Lake PAC just outside of Buffalo, NY, and concludes on October 2 at the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK. In between, there are two dates in Boston and one in San Francisco that have yet to be assigned to a specific venue. It's very possible that the Boston TBA shows could end up at Fenway Park, as we reported on a few days ago. Look for these details to be finalized shortly.

While the extensive 49-show tour includes many new venues and even a couple unknown venues, the announcement also slips in a new release date for the album: June 2. The tour is being billed as a supporting tour for the upcoming album; what this means for the Spring Tour's chances of hearing some new music is still anyone's guess. Warehouse preorder online ticket request period begins Thursday, February 19th, and continues through Monday, March 2nd. UPDATE: Add the Spring & Summer Tourdates to your Calendar (like Outlook or iCal)! Just import the supported file into your calendar application. (csv) (ics/iCal)
  • Wed 5/27 - Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien Center, NY   (w/ Robert Randolph & The Family Band)
  • Fri 5/29 - Venue TBA, Boston, MA   (w/ TBA)
  • Sat 5/30 - Venue TBA, Boston, MA   (w/ TBA)
  • Fri 6/5 - New England Dodge Music Center, Hartford, CT   (w/ Femi Kuti & The Positive Force)
  • Sat 6/6 - New England Dodge Music Center, Hartford, CT   (w/ Femi Kuti & The Positive Force)
  • Tue 6/9 - Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON Canada  (w/ Femi Kuti & The Positive Force)
  • Wed 6/10 - Parc Jean Drapeau, Montreal, QC Canada  (w/ Femi Kuti & The Positive Force)
  • Fri 6/12 - Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY   (w/ The Hold Steady)
  • Sat 6/13 - Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY   (w/ The Hold Steady)
  • Tue 6/16 - Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH   (w/ The Hold Steady)
  • Wed 6/17 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights, MO   (w/ The Hold Steady)
  • Fri 6/19 - Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA   (w/ The Hold Steady)
  • Sat 6/20 - Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA   (w/ The Hold Steady)
  • Sat 7/18 - Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI   (w/ Umphrey's McGee)
  • Sun 7/19 - Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI   (w/ Umphrey's McGee)
  • Tue 7/21 - Nikon at Jones Beach Theater , Wantagh, NY   (w/ Old Crow Medicine Show)
  • Wed 7/22 - Nikon at Jones Beach Theater , Wantagh, NY   (w/ Old Crow Medicine Show)
  • Fri 7/24 - Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey, PA   (w/ Jason Mraz)
  • Tue 7/28 - DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI   (w/ Old Crow Medicine Show)
  • Wed 7/29 - Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH   (w/ Old Crow Medicine Sho)
  • Fri 7/31 - Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN   (w/ Hill Country Revue)
  • Sat 8/1 - Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN   (w/ Hill Country Revue)
  • Tue 8/4 - Alliance Bank Stadium, Syracuse, NY   (w/ Donovan Frankenreiter)
  • Wed 8/5 - Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, Bethel, NY   (w/ Donovan Frankenreiter)
  • Fri 8/7 - Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater, Virginia Beach, VA   (w/ Donovan Frankenreiter)
  • Sat 8/8 - Nissan Pavilion at Stone Ridge, Bristow, VA   (w/ Donovan Frankenreiter)
  • Wed 8/12 - Ford Amphitheatre, Tampa, FL   (w/Robert Earl Keen )
  • Fri 8/14 - Cruzan Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL   (w/ Robert Earl Keen)
  • Sat 8/15 - Cruzan Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL   (w/ Robert Earl Keen)
  • Sat 8/29 - Venue TBA, San Francisco, CA   (w/ TBA)
  • Sun 8/30 - Save Mart Center , Fresno, CA   (w/ TBA)
  • Tue 9/1 - USANA Amphitheatre, West Valley City, UT   (w/ Yonder Mountain String Band)
  • Fri 9/4 - Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA   (w/ G. Love & Special Sauce and Yonder Mountain String Band)
  • Sat 9/5 - Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA   (w/ G. Love & Special Sauce and Yonder Mountain String Band)
  • Sun 9/6 - Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA   (w/ G. Love & Special Sauce and Yonder Mountain String Band)
  • Sat 9/12 - Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA   (w/ Switchfoot)
  • Sun 9/13 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA   (w/ Switchfoot)
  • Sat 9/19 - Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain, Scranton, PA   (w/ TBA)
  • Tue 9/22 - Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ   (w/ Robert Randolph & The Family Band)
  • Wed 9/23 - Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ   (w/ Robert Randolph & The Family Band)
  • Fri 9/25 - Principal Park, Des Moines, IA   (w/ Robert Randolph & The Family Band)
  • Sat 9/26 - First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre, Tinley Park, IL   (w/ TBA)
  • Tue 9/29 - Dickey-Stephens Park, North Little Rock, AR   (w/ TBA)
  • Wed 9/30 - Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO   (w/ TBA)
  • Fri 10/2 - BOK Center, Tulsa, OK   (w/ TBA)

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Upcoming Album Release Date Slips

Posted by Matt Yette in Album News on 2/18/09 3:24pm

The upcoming Dave Matthews Band as-yet-untitled album will not be down for breakfast on April 14. As has been rumored, including a few mentions by us during our podcasts, the next DMB studio album will be "a little late". According to Dave's Twitter, he said, "the album will probably be a little late. But not for a lack of effort." This coincides with information from radio stations on February 17 that the first single - which should have been ready by the last week of February at the latest - would be released in "April." The album would then be pushed back to June, according to the same radio sources.

Dave's revelation brings into question the earlier assertion, via the DMB Mailing List, that "Dave Matthews Band fans will be treated to the group’s first-ever live performances of songs from the new yet-to-be titled album" during the Spring Tour. With the release of the album originally slated for the same day as the tour's kickoff date at MSG, the element of surprise that the band is going for with the album would remain intact. With the album release slipping, however, one has to wonder if the email announcement - which no doubt has driven ticket sales - will fail to come to pass.

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New Pictures from the Studio: Tim on Sitar

Posted by Joe M in Album News on 2/4/09 2:03am

We have some new pictures from the studio where the Dave Matthews Band is recording the currently untitled new album. One of which is Tim Reynolds playing the sitar in the traditional style with shoes removed. The sitar (an Indian long neck lute) is not new to Tim. He began playing it during the 1980’s. It's one in a line of many instruments Tim can play outside his domination of the acoustic and electric guitar, they include the bass, piano, mandolin, violin, and many ethnic percussion instruments (to name a few). Tim also played electric sitar on Some Devil's Too High and Dave on So Damn Lucky, though the electric sitar is quite different than its parent. Even though the band is in the final stages of recording, this doesn't mean it will make the cut to the album. They routinely record more music than what appears on the album, but it's great to see the band not going 'cookie cutter' in the studio.

There are also a number of other photos, including Carter Beauford's traditional Yamaha drum set and the studios Yamaha grand piano in the background (though piano's are commonly found in studios.) Interestingly in the picture of the drum set, the kit is elevated with a "backdrop" and there is ground lighting of the drum kit. Why all the trouble? Could they be recording some footage in the studio for the music video to the bands first single? Or special bonus material? Just thought I'd throw that out there. Also are some pictures of Dave's guitars from the studio. It appears nothing was left behind; with acoustic and electric both making appearances. They include; Taylor, Gibson, Danelectro, and the Veillette Gryphon (small high tuned guitar, ex: Idea of You, and yes, Shotgun). Producer Rob Cavallo additionally had a guitar made for Dave that looks like a Fender Stratocaster. Also pictured is the well-played favorite 6-string Taylor 914C with its wear and tear following the path of Trigger, Willie Nelsons guitar. Follow the link to check out the studio pictures.

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Tim Reynolds & TR3 Touring - DMB Studio Quotes

Posted by Joe M in Album News on 1/28/09 5:00am

Tim Reynolds appears set for a very busy 2009. He started off 2009 working in the studio and contributing to the new Dave Matthews Band album and he's not stopping there. Today at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO Tim and his band, TR3, kick off a new tour, primarily in west coast and three in the Midwest. Currently a 23-show month-long tour, more dates are likely to be added as Tim expects to end in Charlotte, NC (his new home) around March 7th. The tour will promote the brand new TR3 album, Radiance, which was recorded at Haunted Hollow Studios, Dave Matthews Band’s Charlotesville, VA studio. If TR3 doesn’t make it near you, not to worry, Tim has an ambitious plan of bringing the TR3 band along the DMB tour and playing side gigs, late-night shows, and likely opening a few tour dates [foreshadow summer tour dates here].

Additionally, in a recent interview Tim has given some insight to how the new album recording is coming along. "It's been pretty nice in New Orleans," Reynolds said. "It's just great that I have the opportunity to wake up every day and get inspired by new music that comes my way. This new record will be familiar sounding, but there will be some new twists", as he talks about the addition of Jeff Coffin (sax) and Rashawn Ross (trumpet). "I think we'll bring a fresh burst of sound to the band. We have Rob Cavallo producing us… He's really pushing the DMB and it's already very interesting."

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Dave Matthews Band Recording in N.O.

Posted by Joe M in Album News on 1/13/09 5:00pm

The Dave Matthews Band last week entered the studio to record for the new album that is expected to drop on April 14th. They recorded at the Piety Street Recording Studio in New Orleans, LA. The studio is located in the history packed ninth-ward and also goes by the name ‘Bywater’ (not Bayou). It is quite unique in its set up in an older building with large windows and accross the street from a dog park. Quite obvisously not your high end studio like Plant Studios where the band recorded Before These Crowded Streets and Busted Stuff. "Piety Street has all the power of the best studios anywhere, but it feels so much less threatening and costs less, too.", says Mark Bingham, sudio owner/engineer. Energy was high going into the recording. "I have a vision, with Leroi in my heart, I want the soul of the band to shine! I am on a mission.", twits Stefan Lessard. Initial feedback from the recording is very positive. We’ve gotten some pictures from the studio from Rashawn Ross (trumpet), where he teases the fans with some musical notation. Also seen in the pictures is producer Rob Cavallo. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the process as information develops.

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2009 Spring Tour Dates and Album

Posted by Joe M in Tour News on 12/15/08 12:00pm

The Dave Matthews Band 2009 Spring Tour Dates - in promotion of their next album - are out as promised. The tour will kick-off on the same day the band releases the 'yet-to-be-titled' new album on April 14th. Mark your calendars boys and girls!

This is the first U.S. Spring Tour since back in 2002 when they did a packed 33 dates, twice the amount of the 2009 Spring Tour. The boys return to their birthplace of Charlottesville for the first time since 2006 and ventures to the state of Alabama for the first time since 2001. Joining the group on the road this spring will be Tim Reynolds on guitar, Rashawn Ross on trumpet and Jeff Coffin on saxophone. They are also featured on the new album. Fans will be treated to the group's first-ever live performances of songs from the new album during the Spring 09 Tour. An online ticket request period begins today and continues through January 4th for Warehouse members. Tickets go on sale to the general public on January 17th - except for the Nashville show, which goes on sale January 16th. New for the 2009 tour, Warehouse members may request up to 4 tickets per show. (Ruh-roh, Raggy do you see complaints for high demand shows?)

Dave Matthews Band's follow up to Stand Up nearly 4 years later will shoot to bring the band to the top of the charts along with Metallica being only the second band to have five consecutive No. 1 debuts on the Billboard 200, leaving the ranks of The Beatles and U2 with four.

Without further ado...

  • Tue 04/14/09 New York, NY Madison Square Garden Arena
  • Wed 04/15/09 East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center
  • Fri 04/17/09 Charlottesville, VA John Paul Jones Arena
  • Sat 04/18/09 Charlottesville, VA John Paul Jones Arena
  • Mon 04/20/09 Pelham, AL Verizon Wireless Center Birmingham
  • Wed 04/22/09 Raleigh, NC Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion
  • Fri 04/24/09 Charlotte, NC Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
  • Sat 04/25/09 Nashville, TN Vanderbilt Stadium
  • Sun 04/26/09 New Orleans, LA Fairgrounds Racetrack Jazz Fest
  • Tue 04/28/09 Alpharetta, GAVerizon Wireless Amph. At Encore Park
  • Wed 04/29/09 Alpharetta, GA Verizon Wireless Amph. At Encore Park
  • Fri 05/01/09 The Woodlands, TX The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
  • Sat 05/02/09 Dallas, TX Superpages.com Center
  • Tue 05/05/09 Albuquerque, NM Journal Pavilion
  • Wed 05/06/09 Phoenix, AZ Cricket Wireless Pavilion
  • Fri 05/08/09 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Garden Arena
  • Sat 05/09/09 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Garden Arena

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2009 Tour Dates Coming Soon?

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Tour News on 12/12/08 6:41am


In what can safely be called "surprising", The Warehouse sent out an email on December 11 announcing that the 2009 Tour Dates for a Spring tour will be announced December 15.

The only thing more surprising than that is the claim from the email that the tour will feature, "songs from forthcoming studio album due this spring. "

Songs? What songs?

if you've been following Dave's Twitter adventures you know that he claims that the new album will feature "all new" songs.

But what is "all new"?

Does all new mean that new fan fav's Shotgun, Cornbread, et al. will make the cut, or is all new just that, all new? Sources tell antsmarching.org that the band had approximately 20 pieces of new music that they could turn into songs - featuring the 2007 session stuff left from last years abortive studio time. The goal for the album, sources say, is to shoot for around 12-15 total songs; but what exactly they will be is still undetermined.

And a word of caution to those searching for the tour dates; things change at the last second, as happened in 2002. So just because you read on the internet that there will be shows in Charlottesville on specific days, it's best to just wait till December 15 for the official announcement; remember, if the tour dates were ready now, DMB management would announce them.

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Writing, Writing, and Additional Writing

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Columns on 11/25/08 12:33pm

As we all know, or we think we know, the Dave Matthews Band is in studio, working on the follow-up to their 2005 release, Stand Up. Everything is pretty set to go, except one little nag: words. Lets take a look into what we know about the writings of Dave Matthews and figure out what we can expect. Have a read here.

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Studio Progress and Reflecting on LeRoi

Posted by Joe M in Album News on 10/31/08 12:00pm

With no new shows on the horizon for Dave Matthews Band fans to look forward to, we do the next thing we know how to do best – anticipate, wonder, dream, and desire about a new album. As many of you all know a new album isn’t a new idea. The band has been working on the new album over the last year, including a studio stretch in early March of this year. For those that may have missed it, here is a video from the March Studio Sessions to check out.

But what’s the progress? Will we finally get a follow-up to the almost 4-year-old Stand Up? Read on about what the band has to say about the new work on the Dave Matthews Band – New Studio Album 2008.

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Next Live Release Confirmed: Live@ MHMF

Posted by Joe M in Album News on 10/31/08 6:00am

2009 DMB Calendar

As was suspected, the next official Live@ album release will be Live at Mile High Music Festival. The concert took place on 7/20/08 outside Denver, CO. The release follows the Live Trax 13 2008 release from Bush Stadium - 6/7/08. While also from 2008, the MHMF show incorporates over a months worth of changes to the songs with 20 shows between the two concerts. Additionally the show has Jeff Coffin as a guest filling in for LeRoi Moore. The setlist features a couple new songs to the official release world which include Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel cover), and a full-band Gravedigger.

What’s interesting about this Live@ release is that it lacks the accompanying DVD of the show. A video recording of the show was webcast live from the concert, yet it doesn’t make a DVD release. This is the first time there has been a Live@ release without a DVD since Live@ Chicago released in 2001. The Live@ Chicago concert was also webcast and caused eyebrows to rise when the album was released. This was because when you play the Live@ Chicago audio release up with the webcast from the show there are parts that don’t match. Most notably Boyd solos are edited with different ones. Might this Live@ MHMF recording be edited in the same way and one of the possible reasons why a video release is not being made? We’ll have to wait to find out when the album is released on Tuesday December 16, 2008, just over a week before the Christmas holiday. Also surprising is the official DMB store isn’t offering any incentive to purchase the album through them with the additional shipping costs as opposed to your local retail outlet. Usually a bonus disk or contest of some kind is in order, much like last years Live@ Piedmont release which featured a 4 or 8 track bonus disk. The album is however available in a couple of bundles with other merchandise. Visit here to preorder.

Also available for preorder is the 2009 DMB Calendar featuring Dave Matthews Band photographs from the 2008 summer tour.

If you’re planning on ordering either online as a gift be sure to pick the Express shipping as the others don’t always make it to you when you want.

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Is the Next Live Trax from 2008 again?

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Album News on 10/29/08 1:48pm

Fans searching around the MusicToday website located the picture to your left which seemingly describes the next live Trax as the 7.20.08 in Denver.

Fan reaction is slightly tepid (because everyone wants a Halloween), but the Live Trax 13 wasn't exactly met with overwhelming anticipation until fans heard You Might Die Trying during our podcast.

No official word from DMB management yet on if this indeed will be the next show.

And, by the way, if you're wondering what happened to the "Summer Sampler" available to those that purchased tickets through Ticketmaster, and The Warehouse. It's still pending. It has had a few hold ups along the way, but it is still slated for release/announcement "Soon".

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