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DMBrasil Chats with Boyd

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Band Side Projects on 10/30/12 6:29am

Our good friends over at DMBrasil had an opportunity to talk with Boyd about his movie Faces In The Mirror (you can read the interview here). If you still haven't bothered to learn Portuguese despite all our attempts to get you to, don't fret, Rodrigo and Nathalie have provided us with an English translation.

You can read the English version of the interview with Boyd here.

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Faces In The Mirror Screening in Boston

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Band Side Projects on 9/21/12 7:48am

If you're sitting around Boston on September 22 around 10-ish and have nothing to do, you could always go check out Boyd Tinsley's film Faces In The Mirror. It will be screened at 10pm at Liberty Hotel. You can check out their Facebook account for more info. Boyd will be there, as will star of "faces" Ryan Orr. Head on down and check it out if you get a chance!

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Boyd Produced Movie - Faces In The Mirror - Info

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Band Side Projects on 5/23/12 6:55pm

Boyd Tinsley has taken a dive into the movie pool. According to an email from The Official Site, Faces In The Mirror a film written and produced by Boyd, now has its trailer on-line.

The film will debut on-line on snagfilms, which has a pretty good rep for finding smaller, independent films and streaming them on the internet. Rather than me go on about the plot, as you watch the trailer, there will be a synopsis from Boyd below it, just read what he says, he's got the plot down pat. The Web debut will be August 30. So tune in!

And yes, that is Dave you hear warbling. And yes, that is most likely a variation of Lithlo Bithlo or Mother Father, depending on your degree of DMB knowledge.

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