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The 2013 Tour Is Upon Us!

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Tour News on 5/17/13 7:26am

The Dave Matthews Band kicks off their 2013 Summer Tour in The Woodlands May 17. The band did a sound check last night (we won't spoil, or depress you depending on your disposition and some of the replies in the Texas), so things seem set to go.

For those that didn't catch the fall 2012 tour, it will be your first chance to catch the bulk of the songs from Away From The World. You can still pick up tickets for upcoming shows from the official site, so feel free to pick up a few shows along the summer after you realize that this tour is pretty good.

And as always, we have our award-winning set list game and you can follow along with the fans on line in the message boards for that show (check the tour forum), and of course there is the The Ants Twitter where we will have live tweeters from every show (depending on cell coverage) giving you a blow-by-blow of the show and the atmosphere. If you're not following the Ants Twitter, there's no excuse... unless you don't have Twitter. That's a valid excuse.

Enjoy the tour!

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DMB Summer Tour Dates Announced (again)

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Tour News on 2/18/13 9:42am

In a move that practically no one saw coming, the Dave Matthews Band summer tour is officially on! Look, I'm not going to write up a big spectacular like last time, you already know where they're playing and when - so here's the shows.

These are the two important things you didn't know Friday, according to some new guidelines for ordering tickets:

Priority Show Selection As a Warehouse member you will be able to select one show per tour for which you may be chosen to receive priority treatment for seat assignments.
There is no guarantee that your priority selection request will be confirmed, however seniority (every single year of continuous membership) will increase your opportunity to receive priority treatment.

Opt out of lower price levels During the ticketing request period you will be able to opt out of consideration for certain lower price levels, such as GA Lawn or GA Rear Field if you so wish. Opting out may reduce your chances of being confirmed for tickets to the show if Warehouse inventory is limited at higher price levels.

These two points are very good news for Warehouse Members (told you it was a good thing), at the very least fans should get one primo seat for a show.

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