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What Did We Really Learn from the Instagram Leak

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Album News at 7:21pm on Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

As you likely saw on Twitter, an Instagram account from a Viola performer leaked some sheet music from the orchestra additions to the Dave Matthews Band studio album tracks. There were three songs listed. The album thread is bursting with speculation. Here's what we can determine from the (now deleted) Instagram leak.

Don't count on the titles being set in stone.
We saw name changes in the last two sessions; Garden Hose became Seven, Skworm got it's correct spelling Squirm, and during Away From The World the naming of Big Things became Broken Things. So just because you see Bismark, Bob Law, and Here On Out, doesn't mean you should have them tattooed on your back.

Having a strings section doesn't mean anything.
Some Devil had a full orchestra on its eponymous album. It was removed (obviously). If you recall from the leaked Big Whiskey demo there was a You and Me version that was previously identified as "Stripped down". That just meant without all the orchestra, etc.

We still have no idea when or if an album is coming.
Dave said during a few different interviews that they are going to "road test" the songs. That means that some songs need more Dibba. Some need less Dibba. Lyrics and arrangements are still being toyed with - clearly. And don't forget that there has been no official announcement from the band that they're even doing an album. Away From The World had it's official announcement June 27, 2012 (with a September 11 release date), but it was announced as coming "soon" on February 15, 2012. We haven't received the "coming soon" announcement yet for this one.

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