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DMB Taps Cavallo to Produce Next Album

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Album News at 3:06pm on Thursday, Nov 21st, 2013

The rumors were true (for once), and yes, Dave Matthews Band will have a new album next year (allegedly). According to Rolling Stone DMB will work with Rob Cavallo on a future album. Dave has been in the studio off and on in November working on "stuff", according to the article.

Dave also heavily hinted to old(er) songs appearing on the album. So let the speculation begin! As for the fans, what does this mean? Well, to catch you up to speed, the hard-cores loved Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King (Cavallo's first work with DMB), and then they got sick of it. So Cavallo is not as bad of a word as "Ballard" or "Baston", but those who complain the most aren't thrilled with it. Why? Well, in addition to "venue wars", we now have "producer wars". Steve Lillywhite's Away From The World did receive high marks from fans, and he of course produced the "Big 3" (UTTAD, Crash, BTCS), so Lillywhite is still god. Seems pretty unfair considering BWGK is a great album, and a Grammy nominated one at that (if that matters). But you can count on some producer wars coming up on the boards.

Here's what I mean. No one wants to hear what Rob Cavallo can do to Shotgun. Everyone wants to hear what Lillywhite can do to Shotgun. Isn't that crazy? So no matter what song(s) that are known pop up on the album, you will have 23 threads pondering what Lillywhite would do to them. It's not fair to Cavallo. (for the record I don't care who produces it, as long as Shotgun makes it).

Stay tuned for the next few months of rumor, speculation, flat out lies, and a few tidbits of real info regarding the next DMB album. And just remember, nay-sayers, you loved BWGK when it came out. No, you did. Don't make me show you your posts.

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