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Boyd Tinsley: Band Will Be Back in 2018

Posted by Matt Yette in Tour News at 4:30pm on Thursday, May 5th, 2016

When Dave Matthews Band announced that they would be taking a break in 2017, that cracked open the speculation door just enough for the entire fanbase to lose their collective minds. Even on the Ants Podcast, we wondered what it could mean, and at worst, feared what it might.

You can all breathe now.

Boyd was recently interviewed by JamBase, a popular live music publication, and seemed to put to rest our worries. Among other topics, including a new side project of his, Crystal Garden, Boyd casually addressed the "hiatus/retirement" speculation head on. "It was a collective decision to just take next year off and then just be real people for a year, so we can come back fresh in 2018," said Tinsley.

That seems to be as much of a confirmation about the band's future plans as we could hope to get. On the eve of the band's 25th year touring, with anxiety and excitement at peak levels, the timing couldn't be better. Tour on.
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Special Starr Hill DMB Cville Beer Release: Warehouse Pils

Posted by Joe M in Band Brand at 11:34am on Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

For those of you that have listened to our Podcast or visited Ants Parties over the years, we’re big fans of Starr Hill Brewery. They have a great series of beers that has won over our tastebuds, including The Love and Northern Lights IPA. But now Starr Hill is taking things to the next level, a DMB motivated beer!

Starr Hill is special releasing Warehouse Pils this weekend, in honor of Dave Matthews Band’s 25th Anniversary and hometown show on Saturday. Warehouse Pils is a German Pilsner, dry-hopped with German hops and golden in color, with a mildly floral hop flavor and clean malt finish. Delicious! And just like the Cville concert, all net proceeds from the beer will benefit DMB’s The Bama Works Fund.

This is very special release and will be draft only in the Charlottesville area. (So bring your growlers! Or better yet, pick up a Starr Hill Growler.) In an effort to help you partake, we’ve been able to get a list of the places where you’ll be able to enjoy a Warehouse Pils.

To start, Starr Hill is tapping the beer today in thier Tap Room! (Open until 8pm today and then Sat. 11-8pm & Sun 12-6pm)(5391 Three Notch'd Road, Crozet, VA 22932). They will also have limited edition Warehouse Pils posters for sale at the Tap Room.

Where else can you get it? How about the Friday Ants Night Zero Party @ Mono Loco! We’ll have the Warehouse Pils on tap while it lasts (sure to go quick.) But not to worry, you can also enjoy it at the DMB 25 Pop-Up Retrospective Gallery, at the concert in John Paul Jones Arena, and at Millers which is sweet. Other locations you’ll be able to grab a draft while supplies last includes: Beer Run, Citizen Burger Bar, Crozet Pizza, Firefly, Jack Brown’s, The Jefferson Theater, Kardinal Hall, Mellow Mushroom, Rapture, Sedona Tap House, Timbercreek Market, Timerwood Grill, Whole Foods, World of Beer.

Time to enjoy!

Attend a Rockbridge Guitar Shop Experience!

Posted by Joe M in Site News at 7:11pm on Saturday, Apr 30th, 2016

The hometown Charlottesville show is just around the corner, and for those that are attending the show (and of course the Ants Night Zero Party) we have an amazing unique opportunity for a select few to participate in; An exclusive and personal Rockbridge Guitar Shop Experience!

If you aren’t familiar with Rockbridge Guitars they are the maker of the acoustic guitar that Dave Matthews primarily uses. Their shop is based out of downtown Charlottesville and Dave isn’t the only major musician that uses Rockbridge Guitars, they are popular among many other talented musicians including Jason Mraz, Ray LaMontagne, Warren Haynes, etc.

As part of this Ants/Rockbridge experience you’ll get a personal tour of the guitar shop by co-founder/owner Brain Calhoun and also an opportunity to demo one of the guitars. Rockbridge is a very custom and specialty guitar shop where guitars are made by hand and aren’t mass produced. And as what you’d expect with such a speciality maker, the shop is very small and not designed for any kind of crowd. So there is a limited capacity and it can’t be opened to everyone (sorry!). To narrow down those interested and also prioritize those that can fully appreciate the experience, we’ll be giving preference to musicians that play acoustic guitar.

So if you’re musician, available at the specified time (Saturday 3pm, downtown), and interested to be part of this experience (along with an optional +1 with you) then here’s how to enter. Please send an email to staff@antsmarching.org with subject ‘Rockbridge Experience’. In the email include your name and your current/historical acoustic experience and any other reason we should know about. We’ll narrow from there and contact submitters with additional details.

We're excited to offer this great experience and looking forward to all the other great activities coming this weekend in Cville! If you can't make it, you can still check out Rockbridge Guitars via their website.

Ants Podcast 69 - Night Zero Gathers, And Now The Party Begins

Posted by Matt Yette in Podcasts at 10:09am on Saturday, Apr 30th, 2016

Tour Time is Here! It’s the final podcast prior to the start of the tour, or at least the Ants Night Zero party and the excitement level is at a ten. The boys dive into the final tour expectations and theories, give a rundown of the setlist game (give it a try!), recap the upcoming activities around Charlottesville, and release a great new feature on the DMB Hub app, Personal Stats! We bring back Joe M's DMB Vote Song Series with a seasonal song, and we rip through our greatest number of questions yet.

While Apple's built in Podcast app is a great app for listening to the Ants Podcast, an alternative that some might enjoy has emerged: Overcast. Overcast is a great, free podcast app that has gained a lot of popularity since its release. If you're looking for another app for your Ants Podcast fix, give it a try!

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Ants Podcast 68 - DMB Hub

Posted by Matt Yette in Podcasts at 8:42am on Saturday, Apr 23rd, 2016

It's a twosome this week as Matt and Jake make due without Joe M., and thus, without Joe M's DMB Vote Song Series. The ping pong ball machine gets a rest this week, but there's still plenty to talk about. DMB Hub gets its big release and brings some pretty big headlining features to boast. Live Trax 37 knocks all of our socks off, and a bunch of very interesting questions this week. As always, thanks so much for listening! Featured Music: Spotlight & Lover Lay Down (11.11.92 - Live Trax 37)

While Apple's built in Podcast app is a great app for listening to the Ants Podcast, an alternative that some might enjoy has emerged: Overcast. Overcast is a great, free podcast app that has gained a lot of popularity since its release. If you're looking for another app for your Ants Podcast fix, give it a try!

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DMB Hub - New iPhone App Released

Posted by Matt Yette in Site News at 9:11pm on Wednesday, Apr 20th, 2016

We are extremely proud to be able to finally announce a major milestone in Ants site history: DMB Hub from antsmarching.org, a brand new iPhone app that aims to be your one-stop mobile destination for all things DMB!

Our initial release contains The Hub, News, Tour Central, Live Show Updates, Push Notifications and the Setlist Game. Over the coming weeks we will continue to add more features, but for now we've packed the app with loads of features, free of charge. All we ask is that you tell your friends. Available now, free on the App Store.

The Hub is where you’ll find daily DMB history updates, top discussion threads, breaking alerts, news, site updates and show reminders. Each of these categories of information can individually be set to receive push notifications, so you'll always be up to the minute. All intended to keep your finger on the pulse of the DMB community.

Of course, the heart of antsmarching.org is Tour Central, and DMB Hub is a perfect way to explore the band’s entire live catalog. Browse year-by-year, and when you find a show you’re interested in, just tap to view the setlist. Or, those with an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus can leverage 3D touch to “peek” at a show, and if you’re interested, “pop” into it. You can even use 3D Touch to shortcut into the current show, or simply a random one, right from your home screen.

DMB Hub not only leverages Tour Central to show you setlists, but also contextual information about each show. Tap on any song, and a pop up will display, giving you information about that specific performance of the song. Tap the share button to send out any setlist you like to your friends or social networks. You can even place ShowFlow votes on the songs, thanks to the ability to log in with your Ants account.

Speaking of logging in with your Ants account, would you like to challenge your mates for bragging rights on who can best predict what the band will play? The Setlist Game is for you. Now you can get your picks in on the go without having to worry about rushing home to beat the deadline.

DMB Hub also knows when a live show is going on. When you’re viewing the live setlist, tap any of the songs played so far to pull up historical information on the performance. When was this last rare song played? How many shows has it been? Has it ever been played at this venue, and when? All at your fingertips.

Oh, and if you have an Apple Watch, DMB Hub enables you to pull up the latest (or live!) setlist right on your watch.

DMB Hub from antsmarching.org. An incredibly powerful and unparalleled DMB fan experience. We're extraordinarily proud to bring this to the Ants and DMB communities. We'll be adding more features over the coming weeks. We've made the app free, so all we ask in return is to please tell your friends!

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Ants Podcast 67 - Once on a Wild Sunday Afternoon

Posted by Matt Yette in Podcasts at 2:47pm on Monday, Apr 18th, 2016

We all got what we've all been waiting for. Finally - this year's Warehouse disc track listing! We debate what's more special on that disc - Shotgun or Broken Things, and the boys banter about FLAC vs MP3. Live Trax 37 gets some love as it's now available to download, and we chat up the new Ants app just released on iPhone. We wrap with listener questions and a whole lotta Joe M's DMB Vote Song Series! Featured Music: Broken Things (11.30.2012), Once on a Wild Afternoon (6.17.92)

While Apple's built in Podcast app is a great app for listening to the Ants Podcast, an alternative that some might enjoy has emerged: Overcast. Overcast is a great, free podcast app that has gained a lot of popularity since its release. If you're looking for another app for your Ants Podcast fix, give it a try!

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The FreeDodo Shirts are here

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News at 4:40am on Wednesday, Apr 13th, 2016

Finally! The long-awaited, heavily requested #FreeDodo shirts are now available from antsmarching.org! The Pre-Order is up now, and this will be a very quick pre-order; so get your shirts now! The pre-order price is $12; it will increase to $15 once the pre-order is complete. It's a little extra for more material.

This is your chance to show Dave Matthews Band that you need a certain deceased animal (and song) to be liberated! The shirts will ship before the 2016 tour begins. This will be your only opportunity to get these shirts (they will not be available in Charlottesville at the Ants Party) so order today! The shirts are unisex (same as we always sell), but in reality they wear more like a mens; so keep that in mind for sizing. Follow the link to the The Store Page and get your Dodo Shirt!

UPDATE: The pre-order is closed. Shirts will ship soon!
 Link       51                #FreeDodo

Ants Podcast 66 - #DMB1Set and Bathroom Breaks

Posted by Matt Yette in Podcasts at 10:15am on Monday, Apr 11th, 2016

This week we get the biggest tour ndews that has come since the actual announcement of the tour itself, #DMB1Set.  The guys discuss the late change and what to expect. Plus they try to touch on a very sensitive/hot topic; that all indications point to DMB pulling out of the Charlotte show.  We also share more details about the upcoming epic Ants Party, Joe M's DMB Vote Song Series pulls a good one, and possibly our best listener questions.  Cornbread Anyone?

While Apple's built in Podcast app is a great app for listening to the Ants Podcast, an alternative that some might enjoy has emerged: Overcast. Overcast is a great, free podcast app that has gained a lot of popularity since its release. If you're looking for another app for your Ants Podcast fix, give it a try!

 Link       76        

Cville & Tour Night Zero Party!

Posted by Joe M in Site News at 4:19pm on Friday, Apr 8th, 2016

The time is here.... It's Tour Time! It's the start of summer! It's the first show and it's in band's hometown of Cville! So.......

Ants is throwing a "Night Zero" Party at Mono Loco to celebrate the band's 25th anniversary show and the start of the tour! All are welcome!

This isn't Ants' first rodeo in Cville. Ah, memories of 2009. It was our first official Ants Party and we teamed up with local hot spot Mono Loco. Had Starr Hill Brewery beers on tap, an exclusive unreleased live DMB show, and quite possibly the best Nouveau-Latin cuisine in existence. Oh, and about 750 Ants invading the joint! Well take us back, baby! We're heading to the scene of our first raucous party in CVille. We are looking to top 2009's!

We have all the details on our Facebook Event Page. Please join the event, and then Tell/Tag/Invite your friends, and help us get the word out so we can kick this summer off right!
Full Details + Join the DMB C'ville & Tour 'Night Zero' Party!

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