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Chickapig Game Launches

Posted by Joe M in Band Collaborators at 7:18pm on Wednesday, Jul 27th, 2016

It seems we always get one-of-two questions when we talk about or play Chickapig. 1) What the heck is Chickapig!? Or 2) How can I get one for myself!? Can’t lie, we also went through the same two questions/phases. Once we learned about Chickapig and how to play we wanted one of our own. But whenever someone asked us how they could get their own, there wasn’t a way; that is until today! So for everyone that’s been asking, today Chickapig is finally making its first debut to the world via a Chickapig Kickstarter campaign!

You may have heard us mention Chickapig on the Ants Podcast, or at our Charlottesville Night Zero party, or at Ants tailgates across the summer. But what exactly is Chickapig? In short, it’s a board game with a bit of strategy and a lot of fun. (What other game has a tagline of ‘Don’t Poop In My Goal’. ha) Be the first to get your Chickapigs through your goal, bouncing off of hay bales, opponents Chickapigs and a pooping cow. The game was created by Brian Calhoun, the co-founder of Rockbridge Guitars (the maker of Dave’s guitars) and cohort in the famous ‘slap video’. He introduced and played the game around the Charlottesville area for some time. Including playing with Dave Matthews and Fenton Williams (heard of them?) who eventually helped to bring the game to life.

The Chickapig launch page is offering up t-shirts and the very first editions of the game. They have a Kickstarter goal of getting $30,000 pledged and as of writing this article, less than 12 hours from launch, the game has already received pledges of $26,000. If you’d like to be part of the first launch of potentially the next biggest board game, head over to the Chickapig Kickstarter page now. We love ourselves a game of Chickpig. (Any challengers?) A perfect paced, competitive and fun game for hanging around and enjoying some tasty beverages (we enjoy a ‘social’ drink anytime someone goes through a goal or through poop.) #dontpoopinmygoal



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