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What Did You Think of Away From The World?

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News at 4:36am on Wednesday, Sep 5th, 2012

We're not going to insult your intelligence by proclaiming that the latest Dave Matthews Band album - Away From The World - is streaming on iTunes. You know that and have listened to it 12 times already. And I'm sure you inventive non-North American fans have figured out a way to hear it too (let's not kid ourselves, you've heard it).

So... what did you think? Over on the boards, commonly known as the place with more negative energy than New York during the Ghostbusters 2 era, AFTW is sitting at around 93% approval. And honestly, that feels a bit low. What's interesting is that there's no real consensus on the best song on the album; for every Snow Outside vote, there's another fan that puts Broken Things up at the top and Snow falls toward the bottom. And that's not a knock on either song, it just goes to speak to the power of the entire album; it's just that good.

And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention Drunken Soldier by name, because it is simply a work of controlled chaos captured in the form of music.

So... what's your favorite? What did you like? If you haven't sounded off yet, send us a tweet for your twitterers, or post over at the boards (plenty of threads on it, including the original stream one). We want to know, is Away From The World everything you'd hope it would be?

          Away From The World DMB


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