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Europe 2009 Available Now; Fans Bitter

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Live Releases at 4:54am on Wednesday, Dec 23rd, 2009

The 2009 DVD is now available, Europe 2009 featuring a DVD Night 2 from Brixton Academy in England and the Lucca, Italy 3-disc show (one of the longest by the Dave Matthews Band in a long time). Considering the length of the Lucca show, and the crowd enthusiasm, and the stellar beauty of the Brixton DVD, you'd think that fans would be pretty fired up for this. No way, Jose, to some.

There seems to be some complaints shared by a vocal minority of fans: Why No blu ray? Why were the interpolations cut? and Why did it take so long to arrive/where is my order?. Let's try and break these down and see if there's a logical explanation for these.

  • Why No Blu Ray
  • This seems to be a decision not controlled by DMB or their management. A basic look around shows a dearth of music Blu Ray releases out there. Yes, there are some, but on the whole, it seems that the record industry is slow to embrace Blu Ray. In reality, until Blu Ray players are standard $100 or cheaper, DVD will still be a dominate media. And with more Blu Ray players coming with ethernet or wi-fi, there's no real reason to rush out and get one for $200 if in another year it'll be $100.

  • Why were the interpolations cut?
  • I'm no expert on licensing when it comes to music, but I do know that there are differences for visual (TV, DVD, etc) and music license fees. And it's not always just about money. There's a few famous stories about Led Zeppelin not allowing their music to be used in a movie, so it seems that "movie" and "dvd" are probably falling under the same umbrella. Bottom line is that nothing would get cut unless it had to; clearly.

  • Why did it take so long for my order to arrive/where is my order?
  • There's this thing called "Snow". It's like rain, only frozen, and lumpy. And when 2 feet of it pile up, it tends to slow things down. Charlottesville was blanketed with a major snow storm the past weekend, and that slowed things down. Management has GUARANTEED Express Shipping to arrive prior to Christmas, but unfortunately with the weather conditions as they were, things got all fouled up. That has to do with it not being readily available in some retail stores. Weather happens.

There seems to be a few smaller complaints, like price, and why do I have to buy it all, but that's really a marketing question, and it's like going to Disney; why do I have to pay $12 for parking when I just paid $80 for a ticket to the park? Because you have to.

Lost in all this complaining, some of it over the top complaining, is this is the best DVD release by the band. Ever. The video is stunning (see, told you), and the directing of Sam Erickson is perfectly in sync with the band and their performance. It's the video that makes you feel as though you're on the stage with the band. Would it be nice if the interpolations (Stairway To Heaven, of note) were left in on the DVD? Of course. Does it really "ruin" the disc? No way.

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