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2007 Summer Tour Setlist Game Winners

Posted by Joe M in Site News at 3:00pm on Sunday, Dec 16th, 2007

Blame this one on me. Sorry for the slow results posting. You all know how you did already, but you also all deserve some recognition for another great year of Setlist Game play. It's better late then never they say, so without further delay let us look back on the Summer Tour Setlist Game. Last year we saw almost an equal breakdown among the albums; Unreleased (17%), Stand Up (15%), BTCS (15%), Crash (14%). This year was quite different with even a heavier play of Unreleased songs (25%), followed up with Stand Up at 14% with next closest at 11%. Definitely not an album tour by any means. Played 36 shows for the summer tour with a rarity index of 37.31 compared to summer 2006 when the band played 53 shows with a rarity index of 32.58. (Don't be mislead by the rarity indexes as they are directly related to time and the 2006 tour is obviously a year older then the 2007 tour.)

The Setlist Game also gives us an indication into how predictable the Band was for the tour. This year's average points scored per show was again higher then last years, meaning the Band's setlists were just about a song easier to predict then the 2006 Summer Tour. Openers were much much harder to pick this year while Closers were easier. The key this year looks to be most songs correctly picked as opposed to spots and openers/closers.

Big thanks to the 1,126 of you that tried for the prizes and joined in on the fun, it was a blast. Congratulations to those of you that won and earned bragging rights and prizes. For those of you that didn’t win, we hope you are prepared for next tour.

The Top 3 Winners of the 2007 Summer Tour Setlist Game:
1st: rncarter21 with 1,203 Total Points (Prize: $75 DMB Gift Card)
2nd: dcap707 with 1,159 Total Points (Prize: $50 DMB Gift Card)
3rd: JmoneyDMB with 1,155 Total Points (Prize: $25 DMB Gift Card)
(rncarter21 finished 2nd last year. JmoneyDMB returned to the top of the charts again after missing 2006. JmoneyDMB has made the top three in 2003 (Set 2), 2004, 2005, and now 2007.)

The winners of individual categories for the Summer Tour:
(Top 3 Winners are not included in these categories.)
•Highest Avg. Points/Show (>10 shows): mikedevoss6 (#144) with 32.5000 p/s
•Most Songs Correctly Picked: clayj41 (#16) with 427
•Most Spots Correctly Picked: Mickey Carson (#5) with 68
•Most Openers Picked Correctly: meggieprice (#11), japaho41 (#26), USeekUpNEmotion (#39), LaRue041 (#42), 1sweetworld8 (#47), DMBBonas07 (#54) and bradshaw06 (#63) all with 9
•Most Closers Picked Correctly: AnyonebutBush (#10)
•Rookie of the Year: Xavier Rudd (#7) with 1,116 points

Congratulations again to all the winners and thanks to all the Ants that battled for the top spots. Complete rankings of the Summer Tour are available in the Setlist Game Area, see how you finished. Winners will be contacted.



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