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Re: The Gorge Q&A and FAQs

Originally Posted by dmbolp View Post
Periscope links will be posted in the setlist thread
Cool, thanks! Is this typically the whole show or just whichever part the Periscoper chooses to start streaming?
- Sean
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    Re: The Gorge Q&A and FAQs

    Thank you guys so much for this thread and putting that FAQ guide together. It has been great reading all this and has been a huge help. We are in the early stages of putting together a plan to head to the Gorge in 2018 for the first time (provided DMB is there of course).

    What is security like when you pull into the camp grounds? Do they make everyone get out of the vehicles and look through bags and coolers? Or do they only check bags when you enter the actual venue?
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    Re: The Gorge Q&A and FAQs

    Have never experienced or heard of a vehicle search at camping entrance, just the pat down at the show gates
    - Peter
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