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Re: The NBA Thread

Originally Posted by justinandimcool View Post
would deer replace Kidd? I could see Messina doing that. Messina has a good relationship with Lakers, but I dont see them replacing Luke. via interviews you can kinda tell Messina (and Udoka for that matter) would only coach for a good organization, and most competent FO's have good coaches right now. i think he is in SA just waiting for that perfect opening either there or elsewhere. some possibilities over the next few years would be Cleveland or OKC, maybe Brooklyn under their new regime if Atkinson doesn't work out. Pacers obviously a question mark. I would also wait for the Spurs job to open up if those are my only options tbh
Windhorst (yeah, massive grain of salt here) seemed to think Kidd's future was "up for discussion" after they got eliminated.

I think they would replace Kidd, but give him another role in the organization. I think Kidd has done a great job developing the young talent, but I question his in-game decision making and he has been responsible for some pretty bad moves in free agency.
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    Re: The NBA Thread

    I wouldn't mind moving on from Kidd
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    Originally Posted by Jake View Post
    TwoStepnumbers is the best. he brings all his equipment on the bus. You can't fuck with that guy.
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