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mac user

i am using a mac book pro and am wondering if there is a program i have to get to download shows. thanks for any help
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Re: mac user


read through the forums because there is plenty of info here to help you get started
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Re: mac user

Nice link shared.. Thanks for it..
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Old 11-18-2009, 07:37 PM   #4
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Re: mac user

I recommend Transmission. Simple, reliable.
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Re: mac user

Originally Posted by hottbocks View Post
I recommend Transmission. Simple, reliable.
i second that.
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Re: mac user

transmission 3rd
also forward your ports if you have a router
portforward.com the only downside is transmission is not listed at the site
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Re: mac user

Thanks for sharing information. its really nice and mean full. I want to write more but these days I am doing preparation of different online certifications and I found cisco tests guide is the best helping source which is providing 100% authentic material. I also spend my extra time in surfing internet, listening music and playing games. After my exams I would like to join your group.
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